Quick note to show I’m alive

and somewhat well. Had a long two weeks of non-vacation and I begin with a Whovian issue.  I believe Moffett and the Doctor are making us afraid of the internet.  Do they read my blog or something?

I’ve been picked…..oh no, yay, maybe, who knows.

just kidding. No seriously, I have been picked. For grins and giggles and we all know we need a little bit of that from time to time now don’t we? So you get a break, for one post, one post only, from my crazy tech mumble and book information.

So here’s the deal. I get to answer her questions, and send some out on my own. The choice to participate is all up to you, nobody’s feelings getting hurt. It is all in fun, but it also is a get to know the person, don’t you think? Especially all of us authors out there and the lovely people of the blogosphere. Is that a real word? Remind me to check on that later.

Thanks to the lovely ioniamartin for getting me involved. You should check out her page, awesome reviews and is very entertaining to me. 

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.



This pic is from 2005, there were not any rules stating from WHEN the picture was taken.

11 random facts about me:

1.I love the color red so much I throw it in my hair in a bright flamboyant kind of way(not literally, think about the mess that would be)

2.I am a huge Doctor Who fan; I fell in love with the 4th and there are no less than 30 items sitting around in my house at this moment. I sign my books with my sonic screwdriver pen (I wish I had that picture to post)

3. As much rock music I listen to (Disturbed is my favorite, just laying it out there), I enjoy true classical and…..shhhhh…….I heart ABBA so much I ran the 8-track out a few times it had to be replaced. (remember I’m not THAT old, I was a kid at the time). 

4. To go with the last one, I have actually met in person band members from from Disturbed multiple times, Collective Soul, Ra, and Drowning Pool. I’m diggin on Damon Johnson right now, he’s got some great music out there including becoming a member of the ever loving Thin Lizzy. I think I have gone to over 30 concerts.

5.I hate vegetables. I’m an anti-vegetarian. Not the people, just the icky greens on my plate. I’m sure there’s some pasta I can cover it with. 

6. My confidence seems high, but deep down inside I am always that little girl that never wanted to grow up so I look for approval.

7. Biggest fear is a needle. Yeah, not gonna happen. I think I was 6 when it took about 4 people to hold me down. I do not submit easily.

8. I’m a huge mythology fan that spreads well beyond the scope of just Greek and Roman. Right now I am really into Norse mythology.

9. I dread wearing high heels. Even though I’m a short 5’2 and I would think they would be awesome, there is a 75% chance you will see me take a tumble and a 90% chance of seeing me walking in the streets carrying them.

10. I love surprises, but dislike romantic surprises

11.I am obsessed with tiger’s and their endangerment. Trafficking is bad stuff to me. I wrote an essay in college about that and got to meet the “babies” while I interviewed the keepers. (2yrs old and they weren’t small) at the Nashville Zoo before it moved. The white tiger is an even more endangered species and can only be from a Bengal line. DNA mutation, not an albino. They are/were worshiped in India where they are mostly found, although at this point I doubt there are any more in the wild.

Main Questions from ionia for those she picked on 😉

1.  Who tells you you’re crazy? My other half of my brain. They can’t decide who’s day it is

2. What makes you mad faster than anything else? being woke up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off

3.  Big family or small family? Small, big is messy and too much drama

4. How many pets and what kind? 1 dog -Ares, miniature pinscher, 1 cat -River, Tabby, a deceased dwarf frog Rockstar 

5.  Best Place you’ve ever eaten. Buga (Flower festival in Germany) I stepped off the plain, our sponsors took me there so my parents could get over their jet lag. The very first, and BEST Bratwurst I ever ate. 

6. Most annoying song you’ve ever heard. Anything by Justin Bieber

7. Dumbest thing you’ve ever said to someone “I could have sworn it was Simon & Garfunkel and not Kansas” (and I love both. smh)

8. Age you were at first kiss. Nine I think. I was more of a “you’re going to kiss me and oh by the way, you’re my boyfriend. 

9. What did you want to be when you were little? Gymnast

10. what did you grow up to be? I didn’t grow up. I write 😉

11.  What is your favourite quote? May the Force Be With You

My questions:

1. What do you consider to be your most treasured item?

2. What is your favorite flower?

3. ketchup, mustard, or mayo/miracle whip?

4.What is most annoying habit that drives you crazy?

5. PS3, XBox, or PC?

6. Coffee or tea?

7. Where do all the socks go to when they disappear from the dryer?

8. If you have children, when did you realize they out-teched you?

9. If you were stranded on a desert island what book….no that one’s been played too much….which entertainer would you bring and why?

10. Do you consider yourself a geek or a nerd?

11. One essential item you could never live without.

2. What is your favorite flower?

I am going to tag:


Shannon Thompson

Sam Deacon

The Middle of Nowhere

Andrew Tonybee

Am I a Blogger or an author?

It seems I have morphed into two separate people.  My blog, oddly, has very little to do with my writing. At this point it seems almost like a little extra something here and there.  I don’t blog constantly and oh I wish I could, but there is only so much I can talk about isn’t there?  Yay I get my work out, yay one thing or another. Those come on occasion.

But what really happens when I blog? Usually its at an odd hour of the night because I have this odd thing about staying up way past my bedtime. When I do it is out of curiosity or frustration or just downright head-scratching.

So here’s the thing, I have come to love both in one way or another, but I am certain someone could do a better job than I.  I started off trying to get things off the ground, like many early writers do I went to the *gasp* internet. I swear it was not around when I needed it way back when. It says do this, then that, and before doing another thing don’t forget to one and carry the two and….math and technology. Bloody hell. “Set up a blog” they say. Sure I did that. But it is supposed to be attached to my author page? Or should it BE my author page? No matter what it meant I’ve done it now and I can only cross my fingers it is somewhat easy to navigate. I like easy. Easy is great. No fuss, no muss.

Marketing, yes that’s what it was supposed to be for. I remember now. How good a job am I doing at marketing when I’m just rambling around like someone who’s had one too many a drink and ready to break out the Irish drinking songs.  Now it doesn’t seem to matter. I think I’m getting a fit, even if it’s not my original intent I like reading blogs, I like rambling. The dog and cat only listen so much and we won’t even talk about anybody else for fear of the look of death.

It was a dark and story night….no seriously

How many books have started with exactly the same thing? I giggle at the ageism of it, but all in general why not start somewhere? I may lead into a crap book, or it could be something worthy of wonder. 

In all honesty, as my visiting family is in town I sit in my room typing away in the dark on this laptop (because I cannot sleep and I cannot work the blasted data phone to its full extent, seriously I need to know how to work tech. I scream out for help! but more on that later, always) I can’t help but imagine all those books that start with that. Or even the movies oh those wonderful movies.

I have a few favorites but my all time favorite actor? Vincent Price. I know, cheesy. But he puts the cheese right there into the role and can spout Poe or give you exactly what was envision. Nothing made more for a late night movie to sneak and watch. I know it wasn’t Elvira as cool as she was, not my type. Does she even age?  BACK ON TASK. Good grief I veer.

It was a dark and stormy night……flashes of light flicker through the window, the wind shakes the trees loudly and a curled up kitten and dog at my feet. They must not like it. I get the joy of earplugs when I finally get to go to sleep. But of the writing? There have been many worse novels or short stories to read than those. So maybe, just maybe give it a chapter. I did that with Twlilight even, before I realized I wasn’t remotely interested and was not part of that lovely little target audience. I didn’t stop my twi-hard friends and aunts who are almost as old as mud itself. Which makes why the fact that there is a book for everyone. What is that saying? Everything has its place and ever place has its things. If its not, I coined it!! Should I call dibs? 😀

Anyway, goodnight fair reader, enjoy the rambles. I kind of like it on here. I get to show me without having to show the me that is cooped up all day in a room with way too many things floating around, internet being my safe space.

Much Love.

What to do when you have to wait?

I’ve been on the phone, I’ve been told to wait. Constant circle. About EVERYTHING. Being put on hold about bills from the dentists, word from doctors, the versions that like to keep creeping up about my book. 

I get worried that the slightest mistakes that I make are not the current version so I am always wanting to look over things.  Some are warranted and some are just down-right-funny if it weren’t for poor little ol’ me. Makes me wonder “What was I thinking what I wrote that part?” 

Apologies if anybody has had to deal with that from my end, and that is where phone calls and emails come in. How hard is it to understand current? Let’s not backtrack to a different version. Its not what was asked and the print shows. “sigh* the joy of being an Indie.

Yes, I did choose to do it this route. No I’m not lazy, I don’t think I’m talent-less, although I am waiting for a review and a nice email saying telling me I’m out of my mind for what I write and how I wrote it. I just dislike everything a person has to go through to end up exactly where I am right now but with someone else pulling your strings. I’m getting more involved, I’m finding Goodreads is a great place to go and have found many people who are in, or have been, in my situation. I LOVE it. I love the people, I love the feedback, I love everything. Heck I even love the snarkiness. what I don’t like are other places that make it darn well disheartening when they are quite snobbish or jealous of others (that’s not me, one to be jealous of that is).

I’m not in this to make money (okay I would like to eat just a little bit better). If I were, writing would not be my career choice.  I write because I love it. I live it, I engulf myself in it. I become the characters, I feel everything. It is true passion. One of these days for grins and giggle’s I should put up a short story that I had written when I was in high school. Not bad but I can see the progression of my writing. It takes many mistakes to make things right, and even then we all know how difficult it is to just walk away and quit fidgeting with it. I can honestly say, I don’t stick to the norm. It could be how my emotions are. It could be what kills me. Who knows.

Oh wait, I veered off there. Don’t mind me, I do that a lot. A to purple in 2 seconds or less. You could keep me entertained with sparkles for hours though. As long as they’re not pink. Well, actually maybe it wouldn’t matter if it were pink as long as it happened to be sparkly.

J.S. Riddle

As I am sitting here nervous that those who are reviewing my book, or even just reading, like it or not I still continue to write.  I have author blog interviews set up, just not for a few weeks, and possibly a radio appearance (no promises but it will be live streamed if that’s the case)..

Incidents in my life make certain emotions just scream at the top of their lungs, cry rivers, or laugh like the jolly green giant. I have been working hard on book two. It is a bit different from the first, a lot of the characters from before flourish and thrive but I bet each of you would love them or loath them (the goal). So I have been writing. Well, trying to in between marketing that is.  What a job that is for sure. I know what is going to happen, fleshing things out is…

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Something happened to my last post

I was wondering a few things.

From authors. Incorporating a paypal button for the ebook onto a site, yay or nay and why? I want real feedback. The comment section has become quite dry.

From more tech saavy people, if I chose to do the paypal method, how in the world can this be accomplished? There are tutorials but I’d have to have 3 computers going at one time to get all that information and I really would much rather be writing.

YAY another post

As I am sitting here nervous that those who are reviewing my book, or even just reading, like it or not I still continue to write.  I have author blog interviews set up, just not for a few weeks, and possibly a radio appearance (no promises but it will be live streamed if that’s the case)..

Incidents in my life make certain emotions just scream at the top of their lungs, cry rivers, or laugh like the jolly green giant. I have been working hard on book two. It is a bit different from the first, a lot of the characters from before flourish and thrive but I bet each of you would love them or loath them (the goal). So I have been writing. Well, trying to in between marketing that is.  What a job that is for sure. I know what is going to happen, fleshing things out is a very hard part. So what do I do while writing when I’m so full of anger, sadness, and frustration? I wrote. Unfortunately it is for the third book that will do nobody here a favor. 

I realize that my blog has taken a life on its own, and that is pretty darn cool. Maybe sarcasms and dry wit does have its positives.  I can’t force a person to read my work, not the book kind anyway.

The Cat is out of the bag or shall I say paperback?

It is true! The book went live this morning HERE in paperback. I was looking for a good launch date, but when really can there be a good launch date?  They have yet to merge the Kindle and the physical together yet, I was given a week for that to happen.

So yes, Nice smelly fresh paper and ink, the nice thing to bring into the bath while relaxing away from the kids, or with the door closed hiding from those during lunch because your coworkers do nothing but talk about what is going on in the newest reality drama. There is something about a paperback that makes a person feel like they’re reading a real book. Don’t get me wrong, I like e-books, my book started off as an e-book (That is still out there! Don’t forget that, check out my main page for the links), but the question kept coming up. “Paperback?” I listened and it is out there for people to read or use as a nice doorstop or paperweight (it can make for a great throwing object when a tad upset too).

 Now that the e-book is out most places, Amazon is the first to have my paperback up, I can happily hide myself in my notepad once again to move toward my goal of finishing the second of the series within a 6 month period (Don’t hold me on it, there is this evil thing that lurks called writers block from time to time.  The good news is, the 2nd unnamed one is halfway done! 

For now, Rise of a Queen should, hopefully, do well enough to keep you interested to continue the series or completely satisfied in the ending on its own. Nothing like the joy of vindictive vampire justice to finish up a book now is there?  Oops, that cat is out of the bag now too. 🙂 

Would any of you buy an e-book at a 9.99 value if it were from someone you had never hear of?

readful things blog

The Porkinator     I have been noticing a pattern as I am perusing Amazon, and it has made me think about something I would like your opinion on. While I have chosen a lower-price-sells-more-books strategy for my own books and have been happy with the results, (I impulse buy all the time–books, Tic-Tacs–as seen on TV products at the registers) I have seen a rash of eBooks by relatively unknown self-published authors (Don’t hate you know I love you) that are weighing in with a pretty hefty price tag of 9.99 or more, even on their first book.

I have a mixture of thoughts on this. I understand that people work hard to produce their writing, covers, to market and what a stressful process it is to send your new baby out into the world and face the opinions of others. What I don’t get is how anyone can expect to sell…

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