The Vampire Realm Series

Here is where you will find out a little bit of each of the major clans of importance in The Vampire Realm.

We all know the Leve’ Clan.  King/Greco; Queen: Tessa

Territory: The old united States of America and further south into what used to be Mexico

The Krones:. King/Renos; Queens: Desdemona and Liana.

Territory:Part of France of old and most of the Canadian region.

The Falor: King/Braedon; Queen

Territory: Most of Europe and the Middle East

The Vordan: King/Tyr; Queen: Brynia.

Territory is mostly Scandinavia and places theScandanavians have conquered

The Tempore: King/Guayar no Queen.

Territory, most of the Asia’s and Australia’s.

The Strega: King/Victor; Queen.; Kali

Territory, most of Russia and India

The Algora: No King; Queen/ Layla

Territory, most of the African regions

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