Would any of you buy an e-book at a 9.99 value if it were from someone you had never hear of?

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The Porkinator     I have been noticing a pattern as I am perusing Amazon, and it has made me think about something I would like your opinion on. While I have chosen a lower-price-sells-more-books strategy for my own books and have been happy with the results, (I impulse buy all the time–books, Tic-Tacs–as seen on TV products at the registers) I have seen a rash of eBooks by relatively unknown self-published authors (Don’t hate you know I love you) that are weighing in with a pretty hefty price tag of 9.99 or more, even on their first book.

I have a mixture of thoughts on this. I understand that people work hard to produce their writing, covers, to market and what a stressful process it is to send your new baby out into the world and face the opinions of others. What I don’t get is how anyone can expect to sell…

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