Am I a Blogger or an author?

It seems I have morphed into two separate people.  My blog, oddly, has very little to do with my writing. At this point it seems almost like a little extra something here and there.  I don’t blog constantly and oh I wish I could, but there is only so much I can talk about isn’t there?  Yay I get my work out, yay one thing or another. Those come on occasion.

But what really happens when I blog? Usually its at an odd hour of the night because I have this odd thing about staying up way past my bedtime. When I do it is out of curiosity or frustration or just downright head-scratching.

So here’s the thing, I have come to love both in one way or another, but I am certain someone could do a better job than I.  I started off trying to get things off the ground, like many early writers do I went to the *gasp* internet. I swear it was not around when I needed it way back when. It says do this, then that, and before doing another thing don’t forget to one and carry the two and….math and technology. Bloody hell. “Set up a blog” they say. Sure I did that. But it is supposed to be attached to my author page? Or should it BE my author page? No matter what it meant I’ve done it now and I can only cross my fingers it is somewhat easy to navigate. I like easy. Easy is great. No fuss, no muss.

Marketing, yes that’s what it was supposed to be for. I remember now. How good a job am I doing at marketing when I’m just rambling around like someone who’s had one too many a drink and ready to break out the Irish drinking songs.  Now it doesn’t seem to matter. I think I’m getting a fit, even if it’s not my original intent I like reading blogs, I like rambling. The dog and cat only listen so much and we won’t even talk about anybody else for fear of the look of death.

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  1. So many people. So many authors. So many things to try. But only one you. Don’t try to cover too many bases, too fast. It’ll catch up with you and detract from your time to write. Having a blog and author page on a single site is a great idea. People get tired of author sites that say, “buy my book,” over and over again. Letting your blog and author page be the same thing allows you to discuss your writing, you personally, and your books(!), over the course of many posts. That’s what people like. Are you also promoting through the old-fashioned, tried and true avenues? Nowadays, when people talk book promotion, their mind stays glued to the internet when, in fact, you’ll usually get better results through radio, TV, news articles, and signings. Plus, since most people abandoned those avenues for the incessant “click fest” called the internet, many radio, TN, and news outlets are starving for authors and book releases to promote. Take advantage of it. Watch your sales increase. Create a professional-quality press/media kit and send it out, and also send out a press release that announces your book’s release.

    • That does make sense and makes me feel that maybe meshing them together may have been a good idea. The blog went rolling on its own and I definitely want to keep it more food for thought with the occasional bits of information.
      I’ve been working a few avenues, it’s a slow process. I have a tentative late night guest appearance on streaming radio show based out of Atlanta I will be doing in Atlanta, but I’m quite certain that it will be just enough to get my name out there and for people to hear me personally. I was putting something together for a local station, we will see. Being in the conservative south with what I write…..a tough door to walk through but I am certainly attempting. I do have a shipment of my paperback coming in and a non-formal signing. The internet makes my head dizzy sometimes. I will look into more for sure, I’m not down and out quite yet 🙂

      You have some great insight Pat and I love your opinions and ideas

      • LOL… well, I’ve been at this a while. I’ve been lied to, cheated, stomped on, ground up, spit out, stalked, belittled, flicked like a spitball, and squished like a poor bug. There is also a bad side to it, as well. 🙂 Seriously, though, that’s a day in the life of a writer. And, after a few decades of it, you learn a little (and start dishing it out rather than taking it), lol. But what works for me might not work for you; we are all different, as our books and frames of reference are different.

        I’m not sure what a “non-formal” signing is, but good luck! There’s nothing wrong with streaming radio, and there are several popular stations streaming out of Atlanta. The area also has a GREAT reading community (except for Duluth, a suburb northwest of Atlanta–store forgot to advertise signing, nobody showed up, my excitement for the evening was catching a shoplifter and taking him to the ground). I’ve done many signings in the ATL area; great turnouts, especially in stores around midtown. Southern conservatives are everywhere, not just the South. No matter what you write, someone, somewhere, will take issue with it, and not just Southern conservatives, either. Trust me on that one–I had two signings that were actually PICKETED by protesters! My sales shot through the roof, too 🙂

        If you tell me what type interviews (on radio) you prefer to do (formal, laid back, 2-hour, 1-hour, 30 mins, etc.), I can set you up with a few. I have many connections.

  2. I am finding that I am now a blothor. Does that make sense? Sometimes the simple act of blogging helps me to write better off the blog as well,

    • That is an interesting word!!! I do love your blogging, it kicks my booty in gear to make sure I get things done 🙂
      To me it seems like thoughts on a page, maybe like writing but more of the actual me. One day maybe I will get a good idea from it but then with what I write….would I want to????

  3. Pat, now THAT sounds like good PR.
    My informal signing will be win and a group of people that have shown interest in my book, a lot have already pre-ordered so when they receive them they will get my signature and my lovely wine filled wit. It will be a bit small, but until I can find someone willing to let me set up shop to do a signing somewhere else, its the best I can do.
    Any help, any direction would be appreciated. I actually could talk for a while, about anything (only a few items off limits but not many) whether my book, the characters, or life in general. I am fearless in that category, but to be a writer you have to be fearless with all the negativity out there don’t you?

  4. Yes, fearless–but passionate as well. Writing can be a paradoxical strain on a person’s mind. Writers are deeply caring and passionate about their characters and stories, yet they have to be thick-skinned and oblivious to negativity when people criticise their characters and stories. I’ve always been a big believer in karma, though. When negativity is spread from habit or desire, rather than justified necessity, it will catch up with the instigator–and they will soak it up and marinate for a while.

    Your signing idea is good for starting out; it’s a positive move and it points your book in the right direction. As for later, the key is to distribute press releases, book radio/news interviews, and tie in your signing(s) at a place served by the media who interviewed you. Special events, libraries, bookstores, all are fair game. The downside: It’s not as easy as it sounds. Don’t worry, you’re doing just fine for now.


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