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Vacation 2.0


The time is here!  I get another vacation….sort of.  Although my main goal is to be there for my brother from another mother (we’ll say uber close friend but honestly intended family is probably more accurate) and support him at his wedding.  I’m delighted that I get to meet his intended, she seems awesome.  So technically it’s a family function, but you know it’s going to be a 4 day weekend for me, right outside of DC, and take place at a WINERY.  So much win in all of that.  The bonus?  The weather is going to be NOTHING like my trip to NYC. I’m completely looking forward to this!  It’s been many years since I’ve been up in the DC area and the last time I went I had an awesome time.

Next week I’ll be announcing the name of the sequel to Rise of a Queen if anybody is interested.

The announcement I hope you’ve been waiting for…….

I’ve been asked numerous times what the second book to The Vampire Realm will be about.  It’s been a long time coming but here it is:

The rise of her empire came at a cost.

Tessa’s vision of a future where vampires and humans lived united had all but disappeared. Her family torn by the wars that ravaged her land were taking it’s toll, each side fighting for the opposition, her sister and Emma with the rebels, and Jason growing into his future by Tessa’s side. Emma’s struggles with her own choices, as Jason moves forward towards a life of service to his aunt, neither one sure of the outcome. This journey that the family takes will force the evolution of life as a vampire to the forefront, forever changing her perspective on the world Tessa thought she knew.

Can Tessa survive another daunting war while ensuring the future of the vampires? Will Jason and Emma make the right choices and not be swayed by the childhood they once knew? Can either side of the war overcome what stands in there way, even when what they love is what they will lose? Or will there be a new beacon of hope, shining brightly in the world that has fallen so dark?


You can view the Instagram of it here.….and I think it’s a great start for what will be the back cover of the book.

Next reveal……….Can you guess what the title will be?


Hear ye! Hear ye! An Announcement of upcoming Announcements

image courtesy of dan/ / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How else am I supposed to grab your attention?  Yes, I’m being vague because I’m pretty good at it.  I’ve got a lot coming up and I just wanted to give you a little heads up.

How many of you have been chomping at the bits to know about the follow-up to Rise of a Queen? Curious to know what Tessa has been up to? Dying to see how she fares as a strong leader to her Lev Empire?

Coming up very soon I’m going to do a name reveal and kick out the synopsis of the next adventure that await in The Vampire Realm, so stay tuned. Keep a close watch on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course this blog for announcements, clues, and even a few Easter eggs here and there.

All I can say is that I am completely excited to move forward with this project and am glad that you’re along for the ride.