What to do when you have to wait?

I’ve been on the phone, I’ve been told to wait. Constant circle. About EVERYTHING. Being put on hold about bills from the dentists, word from doctors, the versions that like to keep creeping up about my book. 

I get worried that the slightest mistakes that I make are not the current version so I am always wanting to look over things.  Some are warranted and some are just down-right-funny if it weren’t for poor little ol’ me. Makes me wonder “What was I thinking what I wrote that part?” 

Apologies if anybody has had to deal with that from my end, and that is where phone calls and emails come in. How hard is it to understand current? Let’s not backtrack to a different version. Its not what was asked and the print shows. “sigh* the joy of being an Indie.

Yes, I did choose to do it this route. No I’m not lazy, I don’t think I’m talent-less, although I am waiting for a review and a nice email saying telling me I’m out of my mind for what I write and how I wrote it. I just dislike everything a person has to go through to end up exactly where I am right now but with someone else pulling your strings. I’m getting more involved, I’m finding Goodreads is a great place to go and have found many people who are in, or have been, in my situation. I LOVE it. I love the people, I love the feedback, I love everything. Heck I even love the snarkiness. what I don’t like are other places that make it darn well disheartening when they are quite snobbish or jealous of others (that’s not me, one to be jealous of that is).

I’m not in this to make money (okay I would like to eat just a little bit better). If I were, writing would not be my career choice.  I write because I love it. I live it, I engulf myself in it. I become the characters, I feel everything. It is true passion. One of these days for grins and giggle’s I should put up a short story that I had written when I was in high school. Not bad but I can see the progression of my writing. It takes many mistakes to make things right, and even then we all know how difficult it is to just walk away and quit fidgeting with it. I can honestly say, I don’t stick to the norm. It could be how my emotions are. It could be what kills me. Who knows.

Oh wait, I veered off there. Don’t mind me, I do that a lot. A to purple in 2 seconds or less. You could keep me entertained with sparkles for hours though. As long as they’re not pink. Well, actually maybe it wouldn’t matter if it were pink as long as it happened to be sparkly.