Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower

Great work on the first i hope you check that out and this follow up!

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If you have not heard, there is excitement in the air! Charles E. Yallowitz is about to release his second book, Prodigy of Rainbow Tower!!!!!!


If you haven’t had the chance to begin reading this series yet, I strongly recommend that you do..go…right now!

Book Description:

The action-packed, humor-filled, dramatic sequel to ‘Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero’.

Battling through a demonic assassin and an army of monsters, Luke Callindor has survived his time at Hamilton Military Academy.  Now, Luke and his friends must leave the safety of the academy to escort Duke Solomon’s heir down the L’dandrin River and into the safety of the city of Gods’ Voice.  Joining them for this journey is Nyx, a powerful caster apprentice of Rainbow Tower.  With her talent for combat magic and her short temper, Nyx will prove to be a challenge for Luke and all of their enemies.

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Fate or Self Decision


Ever wonder about fate?  Things destined to happen that are not under your control?  (i’m not a superstitious person by the way, nor believe or deny anything I write about).

If we are going the old ways that some might practice to this day, we could be talking about the Greek Moirai (of course Roman too, but that’s a different tale). Slavic mythology has something similar, as are the Norns of Norse mythology.  We could go on forever.  But I will give the basics a go from Greek since that’s my favorite, although Norse is trailing behind ever so close.

Clotho(spinner of the thread of life), Lachesis (measured the string of life), and Atropos (the one who cut the thread of life).

What does all this mean?  This means to me, that since the early days of time people believed in fate.  That their path was set out for them and there was a reason for each choice they made, every good thing that happened, and every horrid thing that seemed to befell them. So the big question here, are you a believer in fate or that you truly make your own decisions?  If fate is your thing, then you must believe there is a certainly a destiny that falls for your reason for continuing on, even in these tough times.  If you are not, then you try to figure out when its time to change things on your own, whether you get off the bus, grab that brass ring, or go along for the ride.

I think there is something in between, but all in all our past shapes up into who we are, good or bad. When is enough truly enough?  How far do we let it go?  When do we say that enough is enough, or when is that breaking point.  How toxic are the things in your life that you can’t seem to shake (people, jobs, vices, etc)?

All those who know me, or wish to know parts of me, know that I grew up with a not-so-happy childhood.  It could be why I delved into so many books and began writing myself.  A great way to escape.  The night terrors alone brought forth waking in sweat but sometimes wonderful ideas.  Each event is a possibility of an emotion that can be added to my writing, although timing is the key on that one.  After childhood, I grew to an adult with some very crappy things that went on I know of one fellow friend who has gone through more than me and she is a trooper; I look up to her, truly and I love all that she is.  My life story could easily be a novel in itself but I don’t think I could muster up enough courage to do so and who would want to read a memoir anyway? I got vampires to deal with.   To this very moment there are good days and bad days.  The ones that make you want to smile and greet the warm sunshine or cry depressingly in bed not to be disturbed.  Then there is pissed off.  Those are the moments I feel like the Hulk and smash everyone and everything in my way.  Stress.  Oh goodness that S word.  We all deal with that; some better than others.  I fall in the middle.  Emotions, empathy, and the heart are strong things that can make life one of the three above (happy, sad, or mad).

Life stress is the worst.  Yes, I’m not downplaying the writing/working, especially those of us who KNOW IT IS NOT JUST A HOBBY (as some seem to say to us when we tell them what we do for a living, no matter how meager the earnings are possible).  Stubbornness doesn’t help the stress, but when one is determined and not ready to give up what is one supposed to do?  Giving up is not an option.  Eradicating the obstacles in the way is plausible but hard to do without going so far as ruining a good thing.  So that leads to being stuck.  Good days, bad days, many, many frustrating/pissed off days.

This leads back to the fates.  Do they exist?  Have they carved this out for us?  Do we choose our own path?  Does fate determine that a person has been knocked and beaten down so many times they feel their fate is to attempt to go with the lesser of the evils to keep a hold of the things that matter to them most. no matter how miserable they are?  There you are sitting on the sidelines, watching frustrated and ever so empathetic, not able to do a thing.

I will finish with the great poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost (who in actuality was meaning that no matter what a person chooses they end up in the same place anyway).


The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Old friends anew

Hey! There they are!  I know you, I really do.  Oh wait, those are ones we thought were gone forever ago but nope.  Oh so close.

As everyone that knows, I have moved.  I am healthier than in Birmingham and even though I left a few great friends behind, the times were changing and I am enjoying getting to know my old friends once again.  First there was this wonderful lady that I have to say pulled me out of a very tough spot in a difficult time and let me stay with her during that ordeal of finding a home.  I forever will love all that she has done; we have known each other since we lived overseas together.  I ❤ her immensely.

Then there are the ones that we’ve finally gotten in touch with once again and hitting it off wonderfully.  We hope our adventure continue and look forward to it.  I don’t think this could come at a better time.

The other friends.  So many of them.  I will keep to the locals.  One, is maybe 35 minutes away and I hate we haven’t gotten together as much as we have because we get along so well and the talking never ends.  One is, well, a tough one.  Times had been rough and I like we have contacted each other again, but its rough to say how that one is going. 

THEN THERE IS MY NAMESAKE.  Girl, we so need to get together.  Its been way too long.

So there we go.  A love for all my friends, even those not mentioned.  You have all helped me on my journey more than you know.

Oh and I am out of cupcakes but I trade for minions.  *ahem*

How Much Control is Too Much Control?


J.S. Riddle

This is a group of questions.

1) How much control does a person like when they have their book being published, marketed, pricing, etc????? What is the breaking point?  Or better question, what would the magic number be or what would be involved to make it go from Independent to one of the big 6?  My own answer to that question is up in the air, but honestly it brings about a lot of questions in general. When I first started writing forever ago, for my own pleasure, it was the days of Publishers and agents.  Without them you were useless and were basically told to do so.  Traditionalists still hold true to that for many different reasons, the most hateful one I ever hear was that it meant a person “made it” and that “they don’t matter until they make it”.  Ouch.  Then the nicest thing I heard…

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An update and a question that needs an answer

First and foremost I want to thank all that donated to my dogs cause.  Ares appreciates all the care that all of you have given, even if not monetary.  He is my first child and to lose him would be devastated.  He goes into full diagnostics in a few weeks, he has him moments that freak me out, but I do the best that I can.

NOW FOR THE QUESTION:  Any great writing programs out there for the PC for me to speak to text? my arms get tired of typing all the time.Does anybody have any suggestions

They have an app/site for what now?

Seriously, there are so many bloody apps I can’t even wrap my hand around it.  When I think I’ve gotten a hold of something through all my stumbling, here comes along something new.  I mean seriously, I’m not old.  I’m not a teenager either though.  I so need someone to walk me through every media there is out there.  Even the ones that have nothing to do with marketing (although while I’m thinking about it HEY ANYONE WANNA MARKET ME? I can only pay in sarcasm witty banter.  It’d be wonderful on not having to focus on that).

Lets do the lineup and see what i think I may have gotten used to.


WordPress: Blogging, author site…..I’m doing okay, don’t you think?



Facebook…..my bff, and the author page is a nice touch

ImageMyspace: that sucker I gave up a while ago, meander there every now and then.  Went there the other day and its totally changed.  I freaked out when I thought I lost my pictures, but it let me retrieve them only once.  I kind of like Facebook better, especially now.

ImageGoogle +: all I can say is I don’t have one for my author account.  In all honesty why would I?  I went there with my personal page a while back in an attempt to veer from FB and all its changing but the whole flow of it just felt wrong.  Not saying I won’t give it another try, but until I can figure out how to utilize it I see no real purpose.



Twitter: Well we all know how well I am at at that (NOT!) Still don’t know what to say and usually end up feeling like I’m talking to myself or a select few.  Would love to hear what people want me to say that’s even worthwhile.  So I’m still in need for twitter school.



Goodreads: I haven’t been on there a bit.  The message boards are good, finding other books and their reviews are good, but what else could I possibly do?  I’ve run a promotion and, well, no feedback, review, anything. Am I missing something? .

ImagePinterest: OMG I am a pinaholic on a personal level.  I used to be worse.  The geek and humor sections alone have me pinning like crazy.  But that is my personal page.  They say authors have one for just them? Why? What would one do?  I would think you could only go so far.  I try my hardest to keep my personal life and work life separate although they tend to blend at times.

ImageInstagram: First things first.  Pictures?  I’m okay with pictures, but does a person really want to see stupid images of a self-conscious me or my food?  Don’t people take tons of pictures of food?

ImageSkype: sure  Its great to call dad or grandma. lol.


ImageYoutube: on a personal level I use it okay, as long as I’m looking up something, but how would I utilize this as an author?  I have nothing to really contribute. I hear people making trailers or something, but for a book?  I’m so missing that point.  It may be a good one, but I’m not a techie and have no clue what to do.

ImageThis brings me to a new one I was introduced to the other day.  Vine.  What in the world?  Its youtube for ADD I think.  Not in a bad way cause my attention veers quite quickly.  But silly stuff in an 8 second format?  What in the world? Please navigate me through this.

I think I have a few things I attempted but have abandoned due to the “no clue” issue and got frustrated.

I am sure I have missed many.  I can guarantee it.  I have omitted entertainment or reading apps because those really have nothing to do with my biz.  If you think something is important that I HAVEN’T mentioned, by all means let me know.  If you can walk me through some of the other stuff, let me know.  If you want to take on the task and market for me….I’ll be your best friend cause I seriously am fumbling in the dark on that one.

A random meme that brings forth in-depth thought



I had recently come across a Stephen King quote that somehow I missed (or sadly forgotten), and yes it was in the form of a meme.  I must have been blind, blonde (bottled one too many times), or dumb to the fact.  We really do have something in common.  Each one of you could probably relate.  It is so simple, so elegant, and yet so true.  The fact that it comes from one of my big idols makes it even better. No matter what, I had forgotten the simplicity, yet meaningfulness, of a quote. We all get caught up in so many things as it is and I may have done it all too much, or just so completely wrapped up in writing or life in general that it passed me on by.  If it were the latter I definitely wish that it weren’t the case, although it probably was.  Writing takes a lot out of people (and those writers out there reading this know exactly what I’m talking about) mentally and physically.  Let’s not even talking about editing and  correcting the grammar. On top of that, life never stops for a single moment to give us a break, only a distraction; good or bad.  I have had a LOT of distractions as of late, and maybe someday I can share, but for the moment we’ll just leave it that my head and heart are heavy and in my entire being they’re cranked up to 11.

BUT, on the saying, I started thinking that these two things went perfectly together.

“Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They live inside us,and sometimes, they win.”

Simple. Whether you believe in monsters or ghosts, anything supernatural; all that is moot.  That’s not what it is saying.  It is telling us we each have our own demons and internal thoughts that we wrestle with every single day and unfortunately we don’t always come out on top.

Personally I have been wrestling with both.  The Monsters are quite grand are not the cute fluffy blue kind you see in the movies.  They scream at me from all corners of the earth and there are days those get defeated, which makes for great days.  The ghosts, well lets just say I have a lot of ghosts.  As secretive as I am about quite a few things, my ghosts are definitely ones that stay there surrounding me in vapors and sometimes it seems like they hold hand in hand with the monsters. Those days there is no way to win.  On the days I am given hope or feel like a ninja (too many movies on Netflix give me the feeling I can be a ninja or do Kung Fu sometimes) I pass through the thick walls of smoke and emerge victorious even for just a moment.  

What does all this have to do with anybody else?  Think about all your monsters, demons, your ghosts.  Realize that some days there is no winning.  Those days suck, and sometimes it can get really bad where all you see is nothing but black days.  The main thing is that every now and then there has to be a peek of light, right?  Humble yourself, realize defeat, and fight another day; hopefully with the help of someone who can hold you up even if for just that day. Tears flood, anger boils, it can be too much.

Every now and then those monsters, the anger, the heartache, the grief, the happiness that comes with it makes for a great writing tool. The ghosts make you who you are no matter how evil, sad, or traumatizing they were. You would be surprised what emotion you can tap into when those days are around.  If you are at the right moment it just makes what you’ve written even more profound if not just to you.  During the writing of Vampire Realm: Rise of a Queen, so many things had gone on in my mind and life that I would think you could feel the emotions.  I didn’t just write on the pages I put my soul on the paper.  

If I were one to pay attention, I would follow my own instructions.  I should be tapping into my own inner self to bring magic to the pages.  If only I were at a point where I could write what I’m feeling without veering from the storyline at all.

Some books to check out

I’ve gotten to know some of these authors and their books and thought I would share so if it was something you were interested in you wouldn’t miss out.  

Since I’m not tech savvy enough today without a little extra help I don’t have, CLICK HERE to head to learn more about the authors and their books I’ve set below. 


Neveah (A Broken Forever (Book 1 Neveah trilogy)) 
Angie Merriam

Separate Truth 
Michael McManus

The Ruby Brooch 
Katherine Logan

Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy) 
Vanessa Wester

Blue Coyote Motel 
Dianne Harman

Quoth The Booby (please, nevermore) 
Gordon Vivace

Dual Karma (Gems of the Goddess) 
Jessica Rister

Broken Things 
G.S. Wright

The sounds of summer and why they drive me batty

As well as I love the summer months they are the least productive when it comes to my focus on writing.  As my frustration grows as does the sound of lawnmowers, weed-eaters, screaming/laughing kids somewhere (I have yet to find these little pixies or I would greet them with a smile), the cicada’s that aren’t as awful as predicted, the afternoon showers, and the dogs barking as the mailman walks by.  Add to the fact that I am subjected to a spider-veined man in funny shorts, but to be fair I enjoy the fact that I have a true walking mailman once again.  He is my favorite person when my next order of books come in to sell 😀

All those things are trivial, yes I know.  Why am I griping? Probably because I’m stalling.  I’m looking to rent this nice bubble filled with notebooks, pens, computer ONLY for research (no Facebook allowed.  That will cause a bit of a twitch) and an endless supply of coffee and quiet.  Anyone know where I can get one of those?

Squirrels and Bears and Cupcakes Oh My!!!!

As Saturday comes to a close in the Eastern US of A I can’t help but throw out a lovely homage to Ionia and Charles (check out their pages if you haven’t.  Great bloggers and authors!!!.)

This is a goofy post, and add on anybody that wants to, a simple sentence and I will put it into the story.

There once was a squirrel who wanted nothing more than to eat a delicious frosting heavy cupcake.  He tugged at the paper gently so as not to make a single crumb fall to the ground.  A wasted cupcake made the squirrel sad more than anything else in the world.

Unbeknownst to him he had a couple of observers, for you see he was in the front yard of a quaint cottage that had two vibrant women sitting in their rocking chairs, books in hand and sweet summer wine on the table.  The books set on their laps as they watched the squirrel as he meticulously went about its business.

“Whatever could that squirrel be doing to that cupcake?” Said the lovely one in her true English tongue.

“I would rather ask, what is that cupcake doing to the squirrel to make it be treated as the goddess off all pastries.” The other spoke, attempting to hide all the accents she has assimilated into her vocabulary so she still is cool amongst her partner in crime

“That squirrel is nuts.”  Joked the man standing in the doorway, in an attempt at humor.

“More wine for you my dear.” said the second woman.

“And your very own cupcake as long as you don’t taunt the squirrel” laughed the first with heavy sarcasm.

As he had half eaten his cupcake without a care in the world he noticed the shrubs in the distance rustling.  He watched slowly until he dropped his cupcake at his astonishment.  A black bear began to charge the squirrel.  Us humans don’t understand how addicting those frosted treats can be to a bear and he had not tasted one in so long.

The bear and squirrel eyed each other. Oy one of them would survive. Then Without a second thought he showed up wearing a pink tutu to distract them… the man rushed to the squirrels rescue and began to wrestle the bear until the squirrel ran away with his confection and his human rescuer was pinned to the ground.

The first woman, as quick as she thinks, picks up the remaining cupcake and yells to get off their friend.  As expected the bear complied and sacheted back from wenst he came, small cake in mouth,

“Thank you for the help.”  He said half in appreciation and half in sarcasm.  He stood up, wiped the loose grass from his pants and joined the ladies on the porch pouring out his own glass of bourbon and picked up a book so the three of them could continue seizing the day with wonderful books, a refreshing alcoholic beverage, and a tale to tell.

Charles, find me a picture for this!!!