It was a dark and story night….no seriously

How many books have started with exactly the same thing? I giggle at the ageism of it, but all in general why not start somewhere? I may lead into a crap book, or it could be something worthy of wonder. 

In all honesty, as my visiting family is in town I sit in my room typing away in the dark on this laptop (because I cannot sleep and I cannot work the blasted data phone to its full extent, seriously I need to know how to work tech. I scream out for help! but more on that later, always) I can’t help but imagine all those books that start with that. Or even the movies oh those wonderful movies.

I have a few favorites but my all time favorite actor? Vincent Price. I know, cheesy. But he puts the cheese right there into the role and can spout Poe or give you exactly what was envision. Nothing made more for a late night movie to sneak and watch. I know it wasn’t Elvira as cool as she was, not my type. Does she even age?  BACK ON TASK. Good grief I veer.

It was a dark and stormy night……flashes of light flicker through the window, the wind shakes the trees loudly and a curled up kitten and dog at my feet. They must not like it. I get the joy of earplugs when I finally get to go to sleep. But of the writing? There have been many worse novels or short stories to read than those. So maybe, just maybe give it a chapter. I did that with Twlilight even, before I realized I wasn’t remotely interested and was not part of that lovely little target audience. I didn’t stop my twi-hard friends and aunts who are almost as old as mud itself. Which makes why the fact that there is a book for everyone. What is that saying? Everything has its place and ever place has its things. If its not, I coined it!! Should I call dibs? 😀

Anyway, goodnight fair reader, enjoy the rambles. I kind of like it on here. I get to show me without having to show the me that is cooped up all day in a room with way too many things floating around, internet being my safe space.

Much Love.