It was a dark and story night….no seriously

How many books have started with exactly the same thing? I giggle at the ageism of it, but all in general why not start somewhere? I may lead into a crap book, or it could be something worthy of wonder. 

In all honesty, as my visiting family is in town I sit in my room typing away in the dark on this laptop (because I cannot sleep and I cannot work the blasted data phone to its full extent, seriously I need to know how to work tech. I scream out for help! but more on that later, always) I can’t help but imagine all those books that start with that. Or even the movies oh those wonderful movies.

I have a few favorites but my all time favorite actor? Vincent Price. I know, cheesy. But he puts the cheese right there into the role and can spout Poe or give you exactly what was envision. Nothing made more for a late night movie to sneak and watch. I know it wasn’t Elvira as cool as she was, not my type. Does she even age?  BACK ON TASK. Good grief I veer.

It was a dark and stormy night……flashes of light flicker through the window, the wind shakes the trees loudly and a curled up kitten and dog at my feet. They must not like it. I get the joy of earplugs when I finally get to go to sleep. But of the writing? There have been many worse novels or short stories to read than those. So maybe, just maybe give it a chapter. I did that with Twlilight even, before I realized I wasn’t remotely interested and was not part of that lovely little target audience. I didn’t stop my twi-hard friends and aunts who are almost as old as mud itself. Which makes why the fact that there is a book for everyone. What is that saying? Everything has its place and ever place has its things. If its not, I coined it!! Should I call dibs? 😀

Anyway, goodnight fair reader, enjoy the rambles. I kind of like it on here. I get to show me without having to show the me that is cooped up all day in a room with way too many things floating around, internet being my safe space.

Much Love.

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  1. I can related to the cooped up room and things floating around, lol. Oh, and by the way, “Once upon a time, in a land far away, on a dark, stormy night…” Nah… that’s too cliche’.

    • The once upon a time is a bit much. Lol. Dark stormy nights always make me think of world’s that belong to Dracula or Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. Last night gave the perfect feel for one of those kind of novels.


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