The Importance of being……..well Important

To be Important is……well important

It is such a simple phrase. The word important is explosive.


  [im-pawr-tnt]  Show IPA



of much or great significance or consequence: an important event in world history.


mattering much (usually followed by to  ): details important to afair decision.

But what makes a person important is a deeper subject. HA, I so have no studies for that. Because I’m not anyone of significance. I am me. That is that. I am sure as you grew up you had your groups, your cultures, and for a certain elite crew the golden road paved for them if they so chose. Half of them never made it and have a few bricks loose, if you know what i mean. But that in itself didn’t make them important. It made them a legacy of someone who at one point in time pushed their way to the top. Always a struggler, a fighter. It’s possible I suppose.

Then there are the under important. The dregs if humanity sitting in the in the shadows in full daylight. Some will to get a lift up. I have been one of the, unfortunately. My background is so full of drama I so want to write that.

The there are the rest of us. Where do we exist, or even place, in the sliding scale of humanity. Where do I fit in? I’m not successful, yet. I’ve striven long enough. But I wouldn’t consider myself important.

Where do you fit in. I’d like to know. What are your thoughts on yourself, your importance and your success or goals?

As someone who can truly claim individuality, I understand it is not important, yet it matters to me. If I die tomorrow the world will not mourn, yet those who truly know and love me will cherish the life and joy that I gave them.

Wow what a bummer of a blog right? That can’t be right. So I will leave you with something totally geek worthy.

shaun 2Shaun of the Dead

Why is blogging so important? Beats me

The question keeps going through my mind, over and over again, why is blogging so important?  Do people really want to hear what I have to say? I would have to honestly say, if it were about my boring humdrum life working tooth and nail having one anxiety attack after another hoping, dreaming, wishing on that little star up in the sky hoping that its not just those magical unicorns lighting up the sky with their bleeps of….well bleeps.

And tweets?  Who to tweet with what and with whom…….To even get started?  As a regular person (ha at that one) I didn’t really fare too well with it except for the nice funny excerpts from a few celebrities or comedians that tickled my fancy, and even had a bad buddha telling his puns daily.

and the ever loving Facebook.  I have a love affair with Facebook.  I know, I know, its the devil. Facebook had everything they need to know about me down to the color of my underwear or if I decided to chance it with a hair-brush optional kind of day.  I remember going kicking and screaming from Myspace toward Facebook not understanding the mechanisms of it all because it was foreign.  Maybe it was foretelling that my technological insights were beginning to falter.  I check Myspace …..once a year to see if they finally shut me down.  I love it.  I love being able to interact with all the people I lost contact with so long ago.  It was much easier to find and the networking was there.  I found one friend then another, and another and didn’t have to worry about what they went by, as long as they allowed us to connect.  I don’t think I can give it up so freely, although there was a time when I was part of the angry mob trying to give Google + the benefit of the doubt because they had our best interests at heart and supposedly an interface that was much easier to handle.  All i can say is…..that didn’t last long.  Nobody came over and I wasn’t willing to lose touch with my friends to do so.  All I get now is spam “friend requests”.

And Vlogging? is this really necessary?  I mean I could but what would be the point? Who watches that?

Back to the question on why blogging is important.  I suppose it in itself isn’t to me.  I don’t have that many followers now, I do hope that changes once my book hits the e-shelf.  The answer to the question is the age of having everything at the fingertips quickly, to get as much knowledge about a person as they can and be reminded, constantly through tweets, FB messages, Blog posts, and all those other things (yes I do indulge in Pinterest. But I can’t get away from the humor and geek. It runs strong in me) or they seem to move onto the next thing. So to do all this is to put yourself out there among hundreds maybe millions of people hoping for one acknowledgement that you do in fact live and breath.

I’m aging, I admit it.  I’m not old, I don’t think. Oh gosh, now I’m going to have a lovely day of age anxiety that can be helped with a bottle of Mostcoto, I prefer Barefoot Moscoto, pink if you’re feeling the fall/winter sweet.  I can’t even say that I ever too blogging as something I would be interested to do.  Sure I love writing, It is what I have doing for ages, I really wrote my first story when I was in the 6th grade. I’m sure you imagine the squishyness if it all.  Budding romance and such…..screech…..not so fast there.  I wasn’t that kind of chick.  I hung out with the guys and told them they were my boyfriend and I can honestly say I was never the most popular girl in school.  No ugly duckling, just different.  I made it my own and I made it shine.

So why the problem with blogging?  Once again, who cares? Seriously who cares?  My interests have been noted, I can go into extensive detail among those things.  My interest is writing the story. A real story. I have so much out there that I could offer that I have worked my derier off *looks back* okay that one is figuratively.  I’ve worked so far to get this close always a setback.  I just want my book out there to the masses. I want my name know.  I most definitely know without a doubt I could never be a top selling off but I believe that I do have enough to draw people in.  I at least can guarantee it is not jut a one shot deal being its a trilogy, the 2nd almost in the middle, with a possibility of a prequal.  Another idea floating around for another book .I don’t plan on going anywhere.  maybe this is where blogging comes in.  You want to know that I am human.  That I am for sure.   And I will keep attempting to blog no matter how akard it might be because I am in deep hopes that networking will be the key. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

If you are interested in the random Please oh Please visit my twitter, I’m over there and LIKE on my author page. I’m not begging, just soundly pushing in that diection.   Of course i can fill it up with character comment, discussions on thoughts, if this truly stays interactive. But lets work together.  For the sake of humanity. j/k on that last part. Validity would be nice.  NOW to show the awkwardness(self-marketing YAY) I am willing to put up here to maybe get someone to head over to my other site and even comment on this I am going to find something that would be of interest.  I like the thumbs up.  Don’t ask me why but I need to know there will be a true interest in what I have been working towards my whole life.  It may come down to I will remember who doesn’t support.  (catty eh?  Claws can get sharp)

How about a topic?

Bring me a topic, a question   I am willing to answer everything from what I take in my coffee to information about the character to give it away only to entice a person much more.

I am going to post a completely irrelevant picture to lighten the mood.  Yes I have furrlings….Ares (the dog and River the cat that we thought was a girl until the thermometer dropped a surprise, so River Song turned into River Phoenix quickly).

I have animals, so what

Are And River rinally getting along

Procrastination and Indecisive

It’s a rainy day and I’m so behind on everything and what do I end up doing? STILL trying to get things situated on this site. Hopefully now that that’s over I can get back to doing what I love best.  Oh wait, no time for gaming, no time to watch a nice Asian Horror Movie (although I watched Paranormal Activity 4 last night while working on the ebook formatting for Rise of a Queen go me! go me!), so back to the book.  My big question?  Should I work on book one to get it ready or should I go back to work on #2?  Its a tough one. I want to both, I know……find something else to do.  Oh wait, no that won’t work either.  Procrastination should be my middle name.

Needing my cover art and I’ve feel so much better.

Do I Sleep?

That one is up for discussion.  Yes, there are times my pillow hits the head, but then there are times when my mind won’t shut up and I end up back on the computer, laptop, or find one of my hundreds of notebooks hidden around the house.  Anybody touches a red one and the will burn in the pits of their choosing.

Do I sound starky when I talk about myself?  Do I sound overconfident? Maybe.

But in all honesty I am trying to make the best of the technological world and I am by not means old.  How old is too old anyway. lots of philisophical questions that are meant to be thought upon at a much later date.

But for now, I should most definitely attempt going to sleep.  If you haven’t checked out my page, I’ve added the synopsis of the book I will be putting out very soon and the first chapter.

Wheels turning

For those who know me, know it’s been a long journey as I work on the finishing touches of my book Vampire Realm: The Rise of a Queen.  There have been a few hiccups in the way, but I feel that success is right around the corner.  I will be adding to this site a few things in regard to the first of my series, to give a little taste test.  But until then the information is right there on my facebook account.  Like if you wanna show some love

Figuring this thing out

I’ve been working on this page for about 2 days now and I MAY have it figured out, I’m not the most tech savvy but I am thankful for a few friends of mine who has been guiding me in the right direction.

I am contemplating putting up a little bit of my work, but bare with me while I get this figured out.  Until then, explore, like, and comment to let me know that you acknowledge that I in fact do exist beyond my own imagination

The First Post……aka writer’s block

I have been writing for so many years you would think that keeping up a blog would be very easy.  I use Facebook on a daily basis so I am used to status feeds and re-posting of cute, geeky, or just downright freaky pictures. But blogging isn’t about that now is it?  Its supposed to be about me, what goes on in my life, and every update that I could think of importance, am I correct?  If not, by all means someone point me in the right direction.

Let’s get to the main reason I am here.  I am an author.  It is the electronics age and it seems that you have to have 1,000,001 different ways to get your information out there even before you publish a single book.  So guess what I’m trying to do?  Yep, that’s right. Advance to the next level and get that first book out there in everyone’s hands.  So yes, I am here to shamelessly give every detail I can about the book and the writing process as I avoid that gritting humble tone in the back of my mind that eerily sounds  a lot like my grandmother telling me not to flaunt it.

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