Where has my time disappeared to?


It seemed only yesterday I was celebrating the release of my second book, ready to crack the whip on my third. Then life happened. It’s a simple tale with not so many simple twists and turns. I get started, I write a few chapters, and then another detour. How many years are we looking at? Google Maps would have a field day with all the road maps I’m certain.  Is any of it an excuse for not writing? No, not really. Am I ashamed that I haven’t finished my work? No way! Do I feel that everything that has gone on has enriched my world view giving me an extra depth I didn’t have before? Heck yeah!

At this very moment I am sitting in the bedroom of a house I used to live in. Nothing big has changed since I moved away. It looks the same, smells the same, and I fall into the same patterns as if I were a small teenager. The small town life never really suited me, not to say I’m all for Urban living. I just knew there was something more than this Tennessee county could offer me in life. Yet here I was staring at the same blue(not blue) walls and taking in the emotions. The biggest change for me, and the reason I rarely came back,  is that my grandmother no longer resides here. That was a tough pill to swallow the first step inside the door.

I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be. In the other room is an older man trying his best to sleep. Too much time in the hospital left him with a horrible schedule. My father’s health brought me here. One day he’s headed off to the doctor about the shortness of his breath and the next I am on my way across state lines to meet up with him in ICU only to chase an airlift to a hospital that was going to do a quintuple bypass surgery. A week in the hospital and almost a week in this house.  He doesn’t complain,  he doesn’t need pain pills, and he’s almost the model patient. Only I see his frailty; his fear. He lived alone and the worst cases flashed before him and, like me in the past, has faced Mortality.  So we take this one day at a time, me by his side through recovery. One more week and back across state lines to my home where he can recover and not be alone. I’m not saying the times won’t be trying, but we’ll at least have each other around.

Besides, wait until the stories roll in about my now teenage daughter,  the terror twins(miniature pinchers), and my aunt Birdy, who I have also become caretaker to.

So if I find time between all this chaos don’t think I wouldn’t jump at the chance. Got the muse juiced up and notebooks everywhere as something hits me. I’ll get through it all, and heck maybe it will help me in the long run.

How Not to Celebrate American Independence…..Plus SUPER SIZED NEWS FOR JULY

Matt and Jen want to give you a message.  For all you Colonial’s out there (say’s Jen’s British half) Be careful and enjoy your holiday.

Stay tuned for our REAL Episode that start’s a July Extravaganza, but you need to watch the video to see what is going to be so bloody awesome!!!!!

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2nd part of Warcraft Discussion

If you haven’t checked out my OTHER web page it’s lostindiscussion.com This is our take on Warcraft, the movie

Our Special guest Mica joins us for our discussion after they have just gotten out of seeing Warcraft so we’re raring to go. Enjoy and I hope as WoW fans (like Matt and Mica) and fantasy fans (like Jen) you’ll have a better take on our suggestions and thoughts.

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My side project

As I may have discussed previous I’ve got a side project going on with an awesome friend who is just as excitable about geek stuff as I am.  We may be different in what we like and views but that’s what makes us a great team. 
When I’m not writing this third book (I concur with George RR Martin in asking Stephen King how he writes so fast) I’m spending time taping for my youtube channel here.

So far we’ve taken on the world of Captain America: Civil War and this week we’re showcasing before and after of the Movie Warcraft  (Matt is a WoW player, I was in it for the high fantasy).  July is going to be huge because we’re rolling out and discussing the great houses of Game of Thrones!!!! With new video games coming out (Final Fantasy anyone?), fall premiere on its way (DC Universe on CW, Walking Dead,Gotham) and movies piquing our interest we’re going to have a lot to say.
Add that I’ll be on vacation I might pop up here more, Facebook, or Instagram through my journey.


To Celebrate my 3 year move – repost of The House Where the Things Go Bump in the Night

Otherwise known as my house.  The one I painstakingly sweated tears and blood to get in time to move, the one that brought me to a better place to live, the one that brings old charm into a beautifully old neighborhood, and the best place I have ever rented.  Mind you, this place was built in the 20’s so there are a lot of elements good and bad that mix into all of this.

Until it gets dark of course and I take notice of all sorts of things.  Every little sound from the creaking of the floorboards, the small drip coming from the tub, tree branches scratching my windows, and of course things always dropping onto the added-in skylight in the kitchen.  As I am in writers mode at this time of night all these tiny simple things turn into something grandiose in my mind and it runs away faster than I can keep up.

You see, I do have a few fears of the house.  Yes me, the one who kills people off with a pen swifter than you can get a paper-cut, I do have fears.  Granted some are warranted (like needles and snakes) while others are purely subconsciously settled.  Those won’t budge so I figured, hey let’s share 🙂

Lets start with what I like to call the Goblin Door.

ImageSee that tiny door?  I’m sure its not hard to miss.  It sits quietly in my kitchen between a door and the refrigerator.  Most would pay no mind to it or take it as it is, a door to something necessary.  I don’t see it that way.  I see it as just what I imagine.  A door that somehow lurking behind it sits a goblin determined to come out and catch me at the most inconvenient time.  So naturally, I have put a few obstacles in its path.  First, I have a tin object hanging from the LOCKED door, so if it were to slide open the tin falls and I’m alerted to the beginning of a bumpy night.  For good measure I usually throw the bin in front of it, followed by the broom, and a few containers filled with dog and cat food.  This by far is creepy enough.  Let’s move on to the other thing that really bothers me.

My basement.  You’re thinking, “yeah so its a basement, no big deal a lot of people don’t like them, but they are only basements and nothing else.”  Or is it?  Who is to say that this house is not sitting on top of a portal to the other world, the goblin door just being one of many places these creatures my come out?  It can be pretty easy to tell that something could be amiss in the supernatural world just by looking at things.

The stairs.  yes, the stairs.  Woohoo, simple.  Yet why in the world are they held up by rope?  That is something that baffles me and flashes red lights as I squeeze myself down them.

ImageThe moment I step down from the stairs I am greeted by tons of old brick, dirt, and rock since the house was built into a hill.  Pipe after pipe above me leading sometimes from nowhere to nowhere.  I turn to the left and what can I see?

A place Goblins can go to and from their other realm (or whatever creatures that might decide to visit)



I can only imagine some dark disfigured creature slithering out of that hole and leaving behind heaps of ash.

I proceed a bit further and something people haven’t seen in a while is what looks to be an old coal generator of sorts, complete with real lumps of coal on the ground. To me, this seems like an easy storage units for nibbles the goblins save for later.

ImageOf course we could always hope that the reason these goblins have been kept at bay was because they  haven’t found a use for me yet.  Maybe they’re the kind that prefer to EAT the coal, or bricks, or concrete, add a multitude of minerals to the mix.  Let’s hope this is the last place they stop for if they want a midnight snack.



So there you have it folks.  My house, my imagination, and the creep factor.  I will tell you one thing, I kid you not, I have a sword that for any reason I hear ramblings, scurrying, clanking, or to even go to the basement after the sun goes down (it has windows, but lighting is left up to two dim bulbs) I will use to the best of my ability.





The Death of a Character: To Mourn or Not to Mourn


I was asked a question earlier by someone I find both wise, endearing, and completely talented in all that she does.  Her question has been bouncing around in my mind and I realize that my answer to her was very swift and two dimensional so maybe I should expand a little on the subject.  The question happened after I was very pleased with writing a prominent character’s death.

I took it as someone who writes herself wanted to know if we had similar feelings.  She asked, “Do you mourn them? If you don’t, do you feel badly for not mourning them?”  

I responded simply with, “I’ve been juggling with this death, going back and forth whether I should or not and ultimately for the final book sets things to 11.  I do some more than others depending how attached I am. This one, yes. The great thing, though, is I don’t write in order so I will get to enjoy them for a while longer.” and “Some I am glad for their demise, though, and celebrate.”

If you happened to have read Rise of a Queen or Of Darkness and Light (heck, maybe even both) you realize something pretty quick.  I kill characters off quite a bit.  Not in a George R.R. Martin or even Steven Moffat way; the emotional trauma I might cause myself would be asylum worthy if I were to venture down that path.  Nonetheless, I do tend to find a great death scene to write.  Something I have said since the beginning and can shout from the rooftops…..EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.  No matter how lighthearted or gut-wrenchingly dark things get, there is a purpose for everything that I write and it may not even be clear until you reach the final book; I write for the long haul.  For some characters I realize that they are meant to have their demise as part of something highly entertaining or a need for vengeance that even the reader is screaming for.

Since we live in the land of spoiler alerts, I guess I should say if you have not read the first book SPOILER AHEAD….

Greco’s death serves the biggest purpose of the entire series.  I know people have told me they’re either team Greco or Team Isaac which I have to always answer, “Why not be Team Tessa?”  Both are what makes her who she is.  Greco’s death sets the stage for everything she becomes as the Queen of the Levé’s, the main reason I labeled the first book of the series Rise of a Queen.


Through all this, I still have to say I haven’t really answered the true question beyond the basics.  YES, YES, YES, I mourn my character’s deaths….the ones that I have cultivated and molded for years until their very last breath.  The necessity sometimes breaks my heart and for some people, they want to deny that death understandably.  I have been working on this series since the early 2000’s when I wrote a small bit, set it aside and didn’t pick it up again until a dear friend prodded me with such tenacity it had awaken something inside of me.  With guidance and suggestions Tessa became who she was and The Vampire Realm became so real I could close my eyes and see everything inside of it.  It has consumed me ever since and as I am working on this final book of the series I believe I will mourn The Vampire Realm itself, but at the same time feel pleased and accomplished for giving my baby the life and excitement it contained.

To all the villains that I happen to not mourn…….all I can say is I have raised many a wine glass in your demise and take solace in the fact that I can feel better by simply going back and turning to those pinnacle pages at any time I feel the need.


You Can’t Choose Your Family…..

“You Can’t Choose your family but you can choose your friends.”


If you’re not in the mood to read, check out my YOUTUBE channel for the vlog of this post!

I think Tessa would completely agree.  Everything that has gone on in her life and afterlife has proven that exact point.  It made her what she was and I think it made her stronger.  She chose who she wanted around and even attempted to repair a rift or two.  In the end it all came down to who those to have her back when times were rough.

To me this quote rings so true and loud that I’m getting a little reverb from it.  I’m not saying that being family is essentially bad because in all honesty there is a lot of love going on and there are those what will stick with you through thick and thing.  Your friends, on the other hand, they have the harder task.  The CHOOSE to be with you in not just the awesome moments but in the tough times as well.  They know your intricacies, what makes you hurt, and what makes you feel better.  I would do anything for my best friend, even if it is acting a fool creating an alter to a bar of soap (you’re going to have to believe me on this one).

There are certain friends that I have to admit are so close to me that I consider them super family.  I’ve got a few intentional brothers and sisters that I would do anything for and they would go to the moon and back for me if I ever so needed it.  This is not to deface the actual family but to redefine it as Tessa has done.

Although Tessa is a completely made up creation between myself and a friend, there are many aspects that I mirror.

My family is a rather complicated manner ; the passing of ones truly loved and the suffrage of those who really don’t have my best interest at heart.  Everyone in my life is there on purpose.  When I pour my heart out it means I trust that person with the utmost sincerity and I know that when the time comes I will feel safe in their arms or feel better with their kind words.  They also happen to be the ones that I enjoy numerous shenanigans with whether it’s a wild few days in Vegas, a super awesome concert to remember for ages, a holiday weekend memory, attending a geeked out wedding, or being comforted for the loss of a loved one.  What could be better right?

Tessa has chosen her family.  Not all of them are by blood (ha I said blood.  get it?  Vampire?…*mic check*) but they are completely loyal and that is exactly what she needs to be able to survive in this last book of The Vampire Realm series.  From everything you’ve learned so far I’m sure you would come to the same conclusion.


I Have Not Forgotten


It may seem at such and it may put some into a quandry.  “Has she returned?”  “Is she like a phoenix rising anew to become a bigger, better version of herself?”
To do any of those brings about the assumption that I have left, but that is hardly the case.  Let’s call it hibernation at it’s finest instead.  Who wouldn’t like a long peaceful nap with a belly full of nibbles and a dark solitary cave?  Through it all I can promise that I have not forgotten.  Time can be such a demanding and difficult beast and not once does it stop to be tamed.

I have not forgotten the work promised to my fans and to myself.  I can guarantee that Ariana and Tessa are busy trying to save the Levé Kingdom, not to mention both vampire and human kind.  The new enemy has presented itself to be a mighty challenge for all involved.

As I breathe life into a sleeping beast the unfolding may prove either useful, insightful, or entertaining.  No matter what, it was a journey that needed to take it’s course. I swallow my pride instead of hanging my head for not defeating that dark chaotic silence.

I’ve got new life, a new outlook, and a great support system to make sure that I keep this ship afloat and quite possibly an upgrade or two.

More posting, more blogging, definitely more writing.   I  might even have something new to present to you….but that is another story.

Just In Time For The Holidays


Just in time for the holidays, I will be offering up both books, Rise of a Queen and Of Darkness and Light, in one ebook for the price of $5.99. THAT’S 570 PAGES FOR $5.99. Tell me that’s not a steal? At this moment This are available at:
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Paperback Of Darkness and Light is LIVE!!!!!

Good news everyone!  Of Darkness and Light is LIVE in paperback form. Below are just a few resources if you want to purchase online.  Even better news, if you want it at your bookstore, go in and ask for it and they should be able to order it for you if it’s not on their shelves.

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