The Cat is out of the bag or shall I say paperback?

It is true! The book went live this morning HERE in paperback. I was looking for a good launch date, but when really can there be a good launch date?  They have yet to merge the Kindle and the physical together yet, I was given a week for that to happen.

So yes, Nice smelly fresh paper and ink, the nice thing to bring into the bath while relaxing away from the kids, or with the door closed hiding from those during lunch because your coworkers do nothing but talk about what is going on in the newest reality drama. There is something about a paperback that makes a person feel like they’re reading a real book. Don’t get me wrong, I like e-books, my book started off as an e-book (That is still out there! Don’t forget that, check out my main page for the links), but the question kept coming up. “Paperback?” I listened and it is out there for people to read or use as a nice doorstop or paperweight (it can make for a great throwing object when a tad upset too).

 Now that the e-book is out most places, Amazon is the first to have my paperback up, I can happily hide myself in my notepad once again to move toward my goal of finishing the second of the series within a 6 month period (Don’t hold me on it, there is this evil thing that lurks called writers block from time to time.  The good news is, the 2nd unnamed one is halfway done! 

For now, Rise of a Queen should, hopefully, do well enough to keep you interested to continue the series or completely satisfied in the ending on its own. Nothing like the joy of vindictive vampire justice to finish up a book now is there?  Oops, that cat is out of the bag now too. 🙂