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Rise of a Queen (Book 1 of the Vampire Realm)

Rise of a Queen cover

After deciding to leave the human world behind, Tessa follows her heart and stand beside her love, Greco, ruler of one of the more prominent vampire clans the Levé’s,  ultimately becoming their Queen. She watches anxiously of the domination of all mankind being overtaken by the Vampire Nation, the overseers of all the clans. She is torn by her love and new devotion to all thing vampire, yet she cannot seem to shake humanity aside and vows to unite the two some day.

By unforeseeable circumstances she is left to rule her clan alone, with only the assistance and guidance of her loyal counselors Drake, Bade, Vala, and Andreas. With gearing wars of an equally dominant rival clan and human rebel fighters at her doorstep not willing to conform so easily, she has no choice but to become a strong, cunning, and pragmatic ruler. Instead of looking at it from the throne she get’s down in the dirt and does everything she can to fix, and if need be eradicate, the situation. Greco’s past and the human life she thought she left behind mesh into a whirlwind of deceit and betrayal. It is up to her to overcome all obstacles and rise to the role of the true Queen that Greco always knew that she could become.


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