Inaugural Instagram

I’m riding the train from Connecticut into New York City.  I think that it is so wonderful that I’m reconnecting with Tessa from my Vampire Realm series and beginning to crank out some awesome stuff.  I’m not sure why but being on a train threw me into a frenzy of literary proportions but it did.  My aunt caught me at a true thinking moment. 
The first picture was not cheesy at all and is a great start to my journey over the next few days
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So follow me and my adventures

Inspiration Vacation

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image courtesy of vitasamb2001/ /

So as we go along with this reemergence thing I’ll announce a new little trip I have coming up.  Those who’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook will probably feel like this is old news, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell it straight from the blogs page.  I’m taking a vacation and it is going to be bloody awesome!  I’m heading up north to visit with an aunt I haven’t seen since college and she’s going to take me to New York City.  The most I’ve done regarding The Big Apple is visit the Statue of Liberty when I was lovely little band geek for one of our trips and drive through on my way to Connecticut the last time I made a visit to my aunt.  Needless to say I am completely looking forward to this.  So much so I’ve decided to open up an Instagram account to share in the new adventures of a more exposed me.  Go me right? I’ll make sure to blog when I’ve shot the inaugural picture, which I hope will be more profound and less cheesy (I don’t choose the goofy life, it tends to choose me). I’ve had my wheels spinning lately and with some help I’m feeling much more confident and can feel the inspiration hitting me just thinking about it.

I can’t wait to share with you all the wonderful and exciting adventures that I happen upon (or at least some cool pictures because I can’t promise I’m 24/7 kind of entertaining).

Things are changing…..and that’s a good thing!


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So here I am starting fresh and new. Spring has opened up the petals of my hibernating soul and soon I will blossom once again for the world to see. What does that mean exactly? It’s an answer that is beneficial to you, my readers and fans, and to me regarding inspiration and communication.

For you all I have decided that I am going to attempt to communicate more. This means those things I fear most, Twitter, Facebook, anything social media I will be more vocal on. So pull your boot straps up because this chick is going to start to talk. I’m really excited about my upcoming work and I am making a push for completion. I want to interact with all of you more on any level that I can. We thrive on the interaction of each other and nothing would make me happier than to be talking to you! I might be an introvert at heart but I love to socialize. I do see the irony in that. I like to socialize but I don’t know how to deal with social media much.

What’s going to happen with me is that I am going to show more of my process. The steps that I’m taking, I’m not going to hide away as a deep dark secret. Maybe that’s what has been holding me back. What I do know is that I am working hard to connect with the inspiration from the world and with the reality that it takes work to get things done and not just hope that it will settle itself. I want to blog more, I want to express my process, I want to share the human part of me while trying to push the too-humble persona out of the way and be a bit more hands on with everything involving my work. Everyone knows that I write because I love it and without it I don’t feel complete. The thing everyone DOESN’T know is that I also write for people, the fans, and without fans(you) I’m only doing a portion of what I love and cannot feel complete.

Finding the right balance between everything will be tricky, but I’m sure that it can be done with help all around. So I will be seeing you soon and you will no doubt be hearing more from and about me. Let’s embrace this spring change together and go for a very wonderful ride.

Happy Spring!


Let’s hope winter get’s the hint and takes a hike on out of here.  This has been the most dreadful of seasons for me. Let’s look past the health issues and anxiety among a lot of other things that make me shake my head and just say “No!”.  I just want to talk about the weather, got it?  Yep, I come back with a post and I discuss the flippin’ weather.  How’s that for a blog?

I’m not a winter weenie, I truly am not.  I’ve lived in some pretty wintery places like New York, Alaska, and Germany had a pretty mix of blustery weather too.  Heck I remember making igloos for fun on the way to school and getting lost in the snow as a child.  So with that being said I’m still going to cry, WHAT THE HECK MOTHER NATURE????  The Polar Vortex, the winter storm after winter storm, and a lovely dose of bipolar weather the make all your hobbit hole dreams come true.  I bet nobody blames me for sticking around in the house. When we get down into the 20’s with sleet and snow on Tuesday and it’s working its way up into the 70’s by the end of the week do you blame a person for going a bit weather insane?  I’m saying good riddance winter, seriously.  I’m done.  I’m done with everything that has gone on these past few months and trying to move on.  Maybe the first day of spring will be symbolism for that you think?  

I’m going to wish happy Spring thoughts and shout Blessed Ostara followed by a little information on this changing season.  I gathered a little bit of information about the pagan celebration and honestly I can totally dig it.  It’s beautiful insight and makes me think happy thoughts for the upcoming season.  Anything for inspiration, right?

Ostara, also known as Easter,Alban Eiler, Lady Day, and the Festival of Trees.

Ostara is the celebration of the Spring (Vernal) Equinox when day and night balance.  Astronomically, the sun crosses the celestial equator at this time. The name for this Sabbat is derived from the Teutonic lunar Goddess Eostre.  Her chief symbols were the rabbit (for fertility, and her worshipers often saw the image of a rabbit in the full moon) and the egg (representing the cosmic egg of creation).  This is where the customs of “Easter Eggs” and the “Easter Bunny” originated.

This is a time of renewal, regeneration and resurrections as the Earth wakes from her long slumber.  This is the time of planting, children, and young animals.

Ostara promises freedom from the dreariness of winters, it heralds the return of hope and dreams.  The God of Spring is the young God, playful and joyful, born at Winter Solstice, nurtured at Imbole, now he’s like a young and mischievous child, still wild and new.  He is raw, creative energy that has not yet been harnessed, tamed or civilized.  He sees with clear eyes and does not hesitate to announce that the emperor is naked.  He comes to us in the Spring when all of nature is shifting and changing; seeds poking out sprouts, butterflies emerging from cocoons, tadpoles growing legs and turning into frogs.  It is also the beginning of the courtship between the God and Goddess, which will be consecrated on Beltane.