Character Profile: Tessa

Tessa is our main character in this book. We follow her life, her thoughts, her journey. Her trials are more than any human should be put through, and her being such a young vampire, she is given more responsibility that she really could understand what to do with.

You read about the culling of the humans, her thoughts, her back and forth process wishing for a perfect world between the vampires and the humans. Those thoughts have to wait as The Krones seem to have a bone to pick with her Master/King/Greco and herself.  She handles the situation…..with the perfect amount of hatred, justice, and vindictive nature; The true way of a queen.

Her human past is dark. With pain comes a light at the end of the tunnel that let her to Greco. It also led her to the estrangement of everything she knew to be human. All she wanted was to be with Greco, a vampire that for some reason wanted her in his life, even if it meant to go against the Vampire Council’s wishes. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

There are no favors done for her when she finds out a secret on the leader of the human Independent Freedom Fighters that divides her thoughts on humanity all together, but ultimately never giving up.

Teaser: In the second book, she reigns stronger, and quite more realistic with more tasks at hands as a ruler, which she does with a tight fist.  You will still love her but more people join in on the path to the end.

There are many things I have written for book three but Tessa’s journey isn’t as straightforward. If anyone has any thoughts on her character I would love to hear more.

Artwork. I would love artwork in regard to Tessa. My book cover is only one idea that I have. I would love to attach a picture of my thoughts of her here. It could even be what YOU think of her. I would never use any artwork that is done without permission

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