Review by Papi Z

For those who are unfamiliar with my review style, I do not do spoilers. Spoilers are the tools of Satan and should be banished from our realm. For more information on how I do reviews, check here.

From Rise Of A Queen’s Amazon Page:

“...Tessa left her human life after it became engulfed in darkness, despair, and pain. She became the Queen of the Levé’s the moment she turned vampire. With that power grew greater responsibility after the vampires had taken over the earth. 
When she is faced with human rebels at her doorstep and a war with a rival clan there was no choice but to become a strong and cunning ruler. Her king’s past and the human life she thought she left behind mesh into a whirlwind of interweaving deceit and betrayal.
To overcome those obstacles she must rise to the role of the true Queen.

This book is aimed at the mature reader who love dark fantasy...”

Papi Z’s Take: A vampire book, a good, honest to goodness vampire book with nary a sparkle! *gasps* The horrors! :D On top of that, a vampire book with a strong female lead character? “Like totally. Oh. My. Gosh. The world has officially ended.”(read with appropriate tween angst and valley girl accent) he he he Alright, enough horsing around. On to the review.

I found Rise Of A Queen to be an enjoyable read with a story I was able to immerse in and could not put down. A refreshing take upon what some may consider a “tired and overused genre”. Technically sound without typos/spelling errors and no grammar issues that I found.

Characters to me were well developed, especially Tessa, the Queen. Depth, thought and considerable time were spent with her and it is readily evident. I am officially in the Team Greco camp, once you read the book you will understand why. A great many spoilers can be given in describing this book so I will try to be brief with the rest.

I was able to slip on Tessa’s rather comfortable stiletto heels and stroll through her Kingdom. Her decisions, thought processes I was able to relate to and experience. The other characters are built well and for the long haul. This is book 1 of the Vampire Realm series, and a tremendous start it is.

Setting the table is done in a story fitting manner(nothing is forced), dialogue is intensive at times yet fits properly within the framework. Plenty of action within, I was not bored at any point with plenty of new ideas and thoughts presented regarding vampires and their interaction with the world. One thing I would like to see more of is spoiler related, so I shall be quiet at this point! ;)

What is the final score on the Papi Z Book-O-Meter? 5 out of 5 stars, I enjoyed my time with this book and look forward to the next installment in the series. You will as well. Buy it, read it and share widely my friends. Let JS Riddle know which team you are on too. Greco! Team Greco!(Hint, hint) ;) Thank you for stopping by.

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