Oh blog, my blog….I have not forgotten ye

It may seem as though I am neglecting to keep up with this blog, I promise that is not the case. I’ve been working on looking over my proof with a magnifying glass to that I can get my book out on paperback.  I have also been attempting the whole marketing thing. Curious is that one is working.

I almost panicked the other day. My laptop was dying and I could not find the plug anywhere.  My ipod had no voice recorder set up on it and have you ever typed on one of those things? The same went for my phone. Seriously, what happened to keyboards?  Autocorrect is the worse. And I can bet you are asking “Where is your pen and paper you talk about so much J.S.” I have to admit I couldn’t find those as I walked out of the door either.  Go me!!!  I was working on a great idea I got from listening to the song (although in all honesty they don’t really go together but I have a song in my head for most of the important sections of my writings) and I had to jot that down. Then there is the idea of the book AFTER this series since I have most things mapped out and ready to go. Lots of new battles and conflict await as people watch key characters grow…..and die, or fated for something different. Oh and I forgot, A wonderful virus idea that a microbiologist that I know is dying to get me to work on and I keep telling him PATIENCE, let me breathe. So yes, very busy.

I’m quite certain that I have many more things I could be blogging about. I just found it quite funny that my need of the electronic equipment and the panic that ensued fit well with my previous blogs so here I am. TA DA.

Any great dictating app out there that I can download? 

Information up about each of the Clans in The Vampire Realm

I’m going to start with the simple clans and their names, I will progress as we move along, and I would love feedback. Some you will learn and begin to know more about as the series goes on, So it won’t be a waste of time remembering all the names.

Check it out HERE

For those who have read Rise of a Queen

Let me know what character you liked the best, the one you despised the most. What would you like to see in the up and coming books? As the times change, so does the book, but phenomenal it will be if you enjoyed the first.

If you haven’t, it breaks my heart because I think if you like the non Young adult vampire fiction that doesn’t lean toward erotica, you will enjoy this book. It isn’t just about vampires.  It is about the growth of someone let with a huge task to take on.  She holds all the elements that we each hold inside ourselves. I would suggest this book for someone who enjoys depth.

Check here for where you can get the links for your favorite store and format HERE

With enough suggestions, through twitter, Face, and this blog, my page, my email I am certain I can compile enough to satisfy everyone’s needs and desires in one form or another.

iStore…..I am deemed worthy by Apple!!!

Rise of A Queen has FINALLY hit the e-shelf of the iStore.  You can grab it from HERE or look it up on your nice gadget I probably don’t know how to operate anyway.  

I make a big deal of this only because the book came out a while ago and they like to manually review everything that they are sent and not just go through a bot system. So somebody felt Rise of Queen was worthy enough for their shelves so I am beaming from ear to ear

From Dumpsters to Slovakian

What do dumpsters and the Slovakian language have in common?  SPAM.  Specifically comment spam.  Those who blog know of these terrible things and probably get a little giggle because they know exactly what I’m talking about.  It just recently turned to the Slovakian  I have had probably about 30 things regarding dumpsters for the past month alone. I was beginning to feel like it was telling me something.  Really? Garbage? Meh, maybe it was.

Then I thought about SPAM in general.  remember when that nice little email filter wasn’t there? How many pieces of it did you get a day?  It was annoying a Frell.  Then the filters. ahhhhhh, lovely little filters. Did we get them? Heck no, they still find a way in the inbox from time to time, but at least its far less than it used to be.

Pop-Ups. 1, 2, 3, 10 at one time? What have you been doing to get than many? As I joke I realize how annoying this really was and then the lovely pop-up blocker came into existance. And guess what? There are things called pop-unders and those are much harder to get rid of in general.  There isn’t any particular thing that can be done as a whole. They are completely legal because they are UNDER. Now what the difference is, I have no clue. Remember, I’m an internet idiot. A friend of mine suggested AdBlock as an extension  I think it may have helped, I don’t know. But it has helped the next annoyance.

Those stupid little video advertisements that start automatically and move across your screen. You know the one’s I’m talking about. The new shows, a new car, anything like that.That Adblock is great about that. But, I only know it for it Chrome application so I apologize if there is nothing similar for Explorer or Firefox.

Phishing.  It took me forever to figure out what that was. I was one of the lucky ones that happened to be too paranoid to really be affected (waiting for something to strike me down as an “I told you so”).  It could be the growing up in a military family and dealing with things of high security at all times. Or I’m just a paranoid old lady we’ll never know.

This is a fun word, Smishing. I swear I giggle at it when I attempt to say it. No matter how hard I try it comes out sounding nothing less than a made up word. Try to say it? How do you think it should be said?  What is this Smishing I’m talking about? Obviously its a nice brand new made up word for those crappy spam messages that are sent to our cell phones.   The first time I got one, it freaked me out. It used my name, and then told me to click on a link for free e-cigarettes.  It was very odd, first because the cell isn’t in my name, second because I have already stated I attempt to be very secretive, and third and most important is that I don’t even bloody smoke.  I have also received other ones “reminding” me that I have a job interview and sends the address in the message.  I have no use for the workplace, I like it just fine behind my desk writing and maybe making a little money to pay for the coffee I drink. So they have found a way to bypass email, pop-ups, the do-not-call registry.  YAY aren’t we special? I’d ask if these people had day jobs and realized that that probably IS their day job. Sad, just sad. All the crap, all the hacking even. All of it is for a job to annoy the crap outta someone or be so good at it the Government hires them. (This, coming from my retired military father, so I cannot confirm or deny what I just said).  But there is some kind of hope in a way. No, they won’t magically stop appearing on your phone. Here is something that you CAN do though. Hey wait, am I about to say something actual useful?  Report it immediately by forwarding the text to 7726, which spells out SPAM on most phones. That will send the information to a service that’s operated by the telephone companies, which use it to identify and shut down problems on their networks.

What other annoyances are out there that I have forgotten? I’m not talking about your mom or dad calling you way too much, because seriously all of them do and we unfortunately pick up wishing we hadn’t because we could care less that our cousin twice removed just went into the hospital. So we’ll just have to leave that one off the list

Little Goodies

A few little goodies will be coming up soon, one I’ve let out of the bag already that Rise of a Queen will be coming out in paperback very very soon.  Yay me.  I’ve received the proof and it looks absolutely STUNNING.  Yes, I did stroke it a few times calling it my precious  but that is beside the point.

Another is still in the works, if I can figure out this lovely tech and follow instructions just slightly.  Lets hope I prevail over it, conquer that hill arms raised in the air like a winner with the imaginary crowd cheering behind me.

Simple one week promotion, don’t lose out!!!

For all the WordPress folk that like to review books and are great at leaving honest ones on Amazon, send me a message @ jsriddle2@gmail.com.  I can work with you on anything that you desires (sorry millionaire, I can’t do, but anything else, I’m the genie in the bottle)I can give you a coupon or anything else you need to grab it for an electrical format.  The proof is in my hands, but I would like the e-reader would work wonders.  that is @ smashwords.com

Also on smashwords is an annual event I decided to enroll in, so 75@ off the book.  It’s a Steal I tell you, a steal!!!!

Print will be out soon but until then look for it @ Amazon KoboDiesel, Barnes & Noble 

I am excited for this venture.  And the funny thing is, I had help getting links.  Yay me for being technologically defunct.  I swore computers were meant to play games not do anything else.  Oh how i would miss the games.

Feeling around in the Dark

Here I am back on my blog, coffee in hand and NOT late at night.

I believe tech has beaten my.  It’s made me addicted and flogged the living crud outta me.  I go a while not able to check something and I’m twitching like I’ve got a bad habit.  I get upset beyond upset when I can’t find my laptop case or the memory stick with my life’s work on it.  How has this come to be?  I can’t even master my smart phone (which I think they call it that because it’s smarter than me).  I can be perfectly fine with my most recent editing of the next book I’m working on, red ink all over the page all so I can type it up later……on tech.  Maybe I’m just stubborn, maybe I’m too reliant yet in denial?

No matter what…..you can find me on the floor looking like a turtle on its’s back.  It’s kicked me and won.  Facebook author page…..yay fans but heck if nobody interacts that goes down the tubes.  Fail.  How do I fix, who the heck knows, not me.  I have no money, starving artist remember?  Twitter, I STILL don’t know how to figure that one out.  Strictly business or a little bit of fun stuff in there?  I never understood twitter, but hey there are fans…..once again no interaction.  I swear I have electronic cooties.

Amazon, smashwords, goodreads (and that place is a minefield of confusion let me tell you that, plus so many books to catch up on), and oh crap I forgot there was a Tumblr I started ONLY about the books that changed or influenced my life.  Oops.  And an about.me.  Now that’s been updated, whew; fixed. Where in the word am I supposed to have that much time for it?  For someone who is so self-conscious seems to really be busy messing around in things she doesn’t know all too well.  Mama bird threw me outta the nest with no concrete instructions.  I like instructions. I like formats. Organization, all that.  I like people. Not one sided conversations of course.

Living in the deep south, well that doesn’t help at all.  Not for what I do, or what I write.  Pretty genre specific and the young adult world has taken it by storm.  That’s the problem.  Thank you friggin young adult.  It’s everywhere and no matter how much people probably think it should be young adult, adult situations happen in what I write.  It happens, I can’t change that.  so I get a choice of hanging out with a bunch of twi-hards, That’s a no-go for me.  I read the original Vampire Diaries, when I was a teen.  That was much better before it became a t.v. show and made it big.  And the YA seems to have claimed it as new and all their all. HA SUCKERS BEAT YOU TO IT!!!! There aren’t many independent bookstores let alone ones that cater to my special needs. Writer’s groups?  Um, the only one local is Romance.  Now I admit there is some in there, but its not written from a point of view that mean I have to have the tag Romance Writers of America sticker stuck to my name.  Those workshop, table reads, are the most awkward. Oh but it would be wonderful to find just the right kind of coffee shop or back street bookstore or something for the occult (no that’s not a scary word, it really isn’t) where my book can sit on its shelves or I can talk with ones who are like me; stuck.  Coffee, reading (even as a speaker, now that would be awesome), discussing, and just enjoying other people with my same interests in the written world.  Radio time would be great, of course my physical copy would be good to pedal my wares and that is coming very soon.  Once that proof is in my hands I’m golden on that aspect.  But where in the world would I go? Who would I talk to? Good ol’ Confederates still live here so that doesn’t happen here. *sigh*  Oh well right? Soooooooo……

Back to online media.  Woohoo. Fail. Fail. Fail.  Oh wait there’s a little bit of something, but mostly fail.  I can’t work it properly.  I so wish I could hire someone to do it for me. Or even beg and plead to get it done. I’m all good with the barter system, just somebody take over for me before I turn the whole thing into a train-wreck.  

I’m not negative, don’t take me the wrong way. I’m a realist. So none of it is a shock.  I just think that if people would just slow down and really pay attention things would get done a bit better.  Too many 0’s and 1’s stuck in their brain’s they don’t know how to do anything else. I can’t accept that.  I won’t accept that.  Big old shot of adrenaline maybe I can jump right in there.  It’s the double dutch jump rope of life quite possibly; watch the ropes, wait for the right time, jump right in and try to keep up.  Isn’t that what we all have to do from time to time?

Promotional Discount One Week Only!

Through one of my distributors they are having a promotional discount, 75% off for this week only. Its their annual book drive, and it’s a huge suggestion to not just check out my book, but see if there is anything else that catches your eye.  Whatever topic, I can guarantee you can find the darn thing.  Finding what you need is half the battle right?


I’ve been need of a good blogging so a more….thought pulling one will be done quite soon.