You Can’t Choose Your Family…..

“You Can’t Choose your family but you can choose your friends.”


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I think Tessa would completely agree.  Everything that has gone on in her life and afterlife has proven that exact point.  It made her what she was and I think it made her stronger.  She chose who she wanted around and even attempted to repair a rift or two.  In the end it all came down to who those to have her back when times were rough.

To me this quote rings so true and loud that I’m getting a little reverb from it.  I’m not saying that being family is essentially bad because in all honesty there is a lot of love going on and there are those what will stick with you through thick and thing.  Your friends, on the other hand, they have the harder task.  The CHOOSE to be with you in not just the awesome moments but in the tough times as well.  They know your intricacies, what makes you hurt, and what makes you feel better.  I would do anything for my best friend, even if it is acting a fool creating an alter to a bar of soap (you’re going to have to believe me on this one).

There are certain friends that I have to admit are so close to me that I consider them super family.  I’ve got a few intentional brothers and sisters that I would do anything for and they would go to the moon and back for me if I ever so needed it.  This is not to deface the actual family but to redefine it as Tessa has done.

Although Tessa is a completely made up creation between myself and a friend, there are many aspects that I mirror.

My family is a rather complicated manner ; the passing of ones truly loved and the suffrage of those who really don’t have my best interest at heart.  Everyone in my life is there on purpose.  When I pour my heart out it means I trust that person with the utmost sincerity and I know that when the time comes I will feel safe in their arms or feel better with their kind words.  They also happen to be the ones that I enjoy numerous shenanigans with whether it’s a wild few days in Vegas, a super awesome concert to remember for ages, a holiday weekend memory, attending a geeked out wedding, or being comforted for the loss of a loved one.  What could be better right?

Tessa has chosen her family.  Not all of them are by blood (ha I said blood.  get it?  Vampire?…*mic check*) but they are completely loyal and that is exactly what she needs to be able to survive in this last book of The Vampire Realm series.  From everything you’ve learned so far I’m sure you would come to the same conclusion.


I Have Not Forgotten


It may seem at such and it may put some into a quandry.  “Has she returned?”  “Is she like a phoenix rising anew to become a bigger, better version of herself?”
To do any of those brings about the assumption that I have left, but that is hardly the case.  Let’s call it hibernation at it’s finest instead.  Who wouldn’t like a long peaceful nap with a belly full of nibbles and a dark solitary cave?  Through it all I can promise that I have not forgotten.  Time can be such a demanding and difficult beast and not once does it stop to be tamed.

I have not forgotten the work promised to my fans and to myself.  I can guarantee that Ariana and Tessa are busy trying to save the Levé Kingdom, not to mention both vampire and human kind.  The new enemy has presented itself to be a mighty challenge for all involved.

As I breathe life into a sleeping beast the unfolding may prove either useful, insightful, or entertaining.  No matter what, it was a journey that needed to take it’s course. I swallow my pride instead of hanging my head for not defeating that dark chaotic silence.

I’ve got new life, a new outlook, and a great support system to make sure that I keep this ship afloat and quite possibly an upgrade or two.

More posting, more blogging, definitely more writing.   I  might even have something new to present to you….but that is another story.