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As I am sitting here nervous that those who are reviewing my book, or even just reading, like it or not I still continue to write.  I have author blog interviews set up, just not for a few weeks, and possibly a radio appearance (no promises but it will be live streamed if that’s the case)..

Incidents in my life make certain emotions just scream at the top of their lungs, cry rivers, or laugh like the jolly green giant. I have been working hard on book two. It is a bit different from the first, a lot of the characters from before flourish and thrive but I bet each of you would love them or loath them (the goal). So I have been writing. Well, trying to in between marketing that is.  What a job that is for sure. I know what is going to happen, fleshing things out is a very hard part. So what do I do while writing when I’m so full of anger, sadness, and frustration? I wrote. Unfortunately it is for the third book that will do nobody here a favor. 

I realize that my blog has taken a life on its own, and that is pretty darn cool. Maybe sarcasms and dry wit does have its positives.  I can’t force a person to read my work, not the book kind anyway.

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