Sir Ares may be in a little bit of a a bind

I know some people have the idea that writers make a lot of money.

hold on a second, the side is cramping from all that laughing.  Ok, better now.  We seriously don’t.  As we run our own business so to speak we have a more hands on approach, can listen to the joys and complains a little and actually HEAR them.  Some have actually helped me out and I love each and every one who has helped me.

But this blog isn’t about me.  It’s about this fellow:

(Picture of Ares)Ares now 2 Ares now 3 Ares Now


puppy Ares 1 PUPPY ARES 2_crop

who used to be this peanut 10 yrs ago (baby picture of Ares)


Ares is a pure bread miniature pinscher.  Now before I get rocks thrown at me I do want to go on record saying this was the last bath of pure bread ones this lovely little breeder was having because he was retiring.  I was in desperate want of a child and the dog was to be one of those.  It was love at first sight.  I knew right away I wanted a little boy, even though his little sister was so tiny and cute, he looked like such a survivor.  His round belly, affinity to following me around and moving joyously as well as a 5 1/2 week old puppy could.  He was beautiful.  black and tan and I fell I love.  I mean in Total love.  He became my baby boy.

When he came home, I took great care of him, and he got a wee bit more mothering, but that answer will come later on as of why.

Now my poor baby seems to be in not so good of health.  You all know vets.  They love that money up front.  Nothing like our lovely little health care system. No barter system.  I’m looking at $400 just to run some tests.  I obviously have not made that much from sales this week, as unfortunate as it is, tis reality of an Independent.  My marketing sucks.

ANYWAY, sheesh I sure can ramble.  We’re going on round one.  His Bile testing is 5x its normal range, and his platelet count is just barely in its range.  It might be nothing, but this first round of testing is needed to see if we need to continue on.  He is a lovely one, one you would be proud to own.  He has been there for me through health issues of my own, basically he’s been my rock.  Best case scenario is that is was a fluke or that he has jaundice.  Other possibilities, cushings, pancreatitus, and the word that makes me tear since it is so near and dear to my heart that big Cancer word.  My mother died of pancreatitis so that is a tough subject and well, lets say I know a little big about that big C and leave it for now.

So if anyone would be so inclined to help fund for the help of my baby boy I would gladly appreciate it.  I’m not a materialistic person, I really just love him so much.  The best way is to buy the book at the link on the book.  It definitely will be a good cause.

Here is the link to the book.  This will go to a great cause.  A happy dog that has done wonders in keeping me around.

Rise of a Queen cover



Only a few more hours left to go

As I sit here veering away from some editing I came to give a bit of heads up.  When I’m up in the AM Eastern Standard Time, the sale will be through.  It’s been a fun ride, although I would so love to have more interaction on the blog posts.  I don’t bite, just my characters.  I’m quite friendly and I’m house trained too 😉

*breaks out into a rendition of “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”*

With that being said. Hmmmmmm I’m sure there are things to be done but I’m piddling around on WP.  I suppose worse things could happen right?

Last Day .99cents…….Do you really want to be teased by your friends that you didn’t take advantage?

I know, low blow.  Oops.  Seriously though.  The book is at a steal of a price.  I think once your friends tell you about how much they enjoy it you’re going to wish you got it at 99 cents but I guarantee that you won’t want to miss out so I believe you will be checking in on Tessa.

Tessa is no Bella.  Not at all.  She’d be the one to tell her to nut up and move forward there are harder problems to deal with.  As important love and loyalty is to Tessa, she has many more important things to deal with.  Rival Clan with an Evil, well we’ll go with the word B here, as a leader.  Justice has to be done.  The leader of the human rebels?  A deep dark history has her disliking the decisions she makes but her loyalty to the vampires is strong.  SHE has to be strong, who else will do it?  To be a Queen she has to prove she can do it all even on the hardest of days.  Now who wouldn’t like to see all that take place?

Click the book and you will be taken to a story that will change your thoughts on vampires forever and hopefully scrub all the nonsense that’s been popular in the most recent of years.


And what have we here? 99 cents???? Must be Day 6

My week long sale is coming to an end!!!  Have we shared the love here?  Nothing better than a satisfied reader and I want those who haven’t read any of Rise of a Queen (Technically Vampire Realm: Rise of a Queen if that makes people feel comfortable) to join in on the fun.

Yesterday I asked you to contemplate what would you choose when the culling happens.  Now  I’m going to ask another.  If you were to be a newer made vampire, do you think that you could lead an entire clan?  Do you think you could enact Justice and appear to be strong?  What would your breaking point?  When does justice turn to vengeance?  What would happen if someone you loved hated ever bit of your being and how would you handle it?  

All those questions will open more questions but you’ll get answers on what Tessa does in this book:


Happy Birthday Green Embers

Birthdays are fun!!!! Check him out, take a peek at their blog cause u know u r interested 🙂

Happy Birthday Green Embers

Happy Birthday Green Embers

Day 5……the week is coming to an end soon; .99 cents anyone?

It should be more than a countdown at this point.  After the 7th day the book goes up again.  Who wouldn’t want to start their summer off right?  Who of your friends haven’t read it and are looking for something different to read?  

Big Question.  What would you choose.  Submit to the vampire culling, become a rebel IF you survive it, or work your way into becoming a vampire itself?  Those are the questions you should ask yourself.  Some prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse (I know I am) but has anybody prepared for a world where Vampires ruled the earth?  We’re not talking preparing to take over. It WILL happen.  In my book at least.  Check it out after you read the reviews.



DAY 4 .99cents…..have you taken advantage?

Amazon only peeps, I’m gonna crank it back up after day 7.  I thought that I owed a little something extra since I was out of commission for a little while.

Click on the book and it will magically teleport you to a world ripped apart by the emergence of the new dominant race, the vampires.  You’ll meet a strong willed woman who has no choice to move forward considering all the obstacles in her way.  The further she goes the darker she gets, blurring everything she knows about herself.