Character Profile: Melinda

Melinda Stewart had a perfect life. She could want for naught with all that was provided for her. All she had to do was disown her sister (and forget all that had happened), like the rest of her family did. She went to business school where she met the love of her life, Michael Baldwin, on the other side of the campus. It was a quick decision to marry the moment an M.D. was officially behind his name.

Then the car accident happened. In one fell swoop she lost her parents and a quick appearance by her sister Emma who exited her life as quick as she walked right back in it that day. A part of her changed that day. She had nobody left but the one man in her life, whom she married and had two wonderful children with.

The culling happened so quickly; she wasn’t prepared to fight the night creatures, but it came natural to her to protect her family. Michael led a human rebellion called the Independent Freedom Fighters and she fought by his side proudly until the day she saw the vampires take him down, leaving their children fatherless. She enlisted the help of Micheal’s brother, Isaac, and led the I.F.F. as strongly, if not stronger, than her husband. Her goal of survival changed to revenge for her dearly departed love and everyone else that had perished by the fangs of the vampires.

Her capture by the Queen of the Levé’s was unexpected. By the time she had escaped she had learned a truth that only hardened her heart to stone and left her standing as tall and strong as the opposition herself, and gave her a new level of hatred and lust for revenge. Her goal was to get her family back, take down all the vampires, and bring humanity back once and for all; nothing was going to stand in her way, no matter how difficult it would be.

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  1. Perfect! Just enough to give her life for the reader and make them curious, not enough to give away the story or the coming stories. You lady, are a genius! (extra exclamation points) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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