In Case You Missed It

Of Darkness and Light

Over the past month you’ve been given a few little tastes of what’s in store for the next journey into The Vampire Realm.  In Case you missed it check out all the goodies.   Discussion points for all!

Has Tessa changed since becoming Queen of the Leveˊ’s?  What will she face now that the Krones have been defeated?

Watch as Tessa struggles with her conscience of who she was and who she is becoming

Emma has always made a point that she never wanted to be with Tessa.  What will happen when she gets her wish?

Emma escapes the compound to be with her mother, what will she come upon?  What will she learn on her journey?

Jason holds a duty and a position; what happens when things go amiss?  How does Jason handle himself in the new world with his new ward?

Fell it as he frantically searches for the most important thing to the Leveˊ empire, maybe even the human race.

Emma gets the reunion she has been wanting with her mother.

Is the reunion everything Emma has expected?

Once you’ve caught up you will be meet Ariana and let me tell you, writing anything about Ariana gives me goose bumps.  If you liked Tessa, you’ll love Ariana.  Catch up, stay tuned, and if you haven’t read Rise of a Queen or know someone you are dying to have a discussion about it with, Check out the many ways to get your copy on the main page HERE for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or even a physical copy.


Be well and enjoy catching up.


What lengths a mother will go to….

We know you’ve read Rise of a Queen, and are drooling for more. Ready for a reunion? So are we. Take a look and let us know what you think!

I don’t understand,” Emma started, “I thought you were protecting the humans.” Her eyes looking for answers.

I am.” Melinda stood up. “Humans have a right to take our land and our lives back.”

Emma raised her voice. “Not if you destroy it all. Whatever happened to protecting? Defending? Saving? I see none of that.”

Melinda equaled in pitch with her daughter. “We’ve been doing that all these years and look what it has gotten us? Resources are depleted, people are starving, and we have no means to live outside of their territory anymore. This is becoming a wasteland and it is happening all around us.” Melinda raised her hands in the air in frustration. “I think its time for the offensive. We move in and save who we can and eradicate anybody in our path.” Her vengeful tone sounded eerily familiar; she had hear it many a time walking past her aunt’s boardroom.

Emma lowered her voice. “And what about Jason and Isaac?”

Melinda turned away, unable to look her in the eye. “Then they are collateral damage.”

Emma rushed up to her mother and yanked her shoulder to look eye to eye. “You are NOT the woman who gave me life! You are not the one that wanted to save humanity from the vampires. You are someone I know all too well.” She paused, “You have turned into HER.”



Oh, a little interested in the cloaked figure that seems to keep slipping by? You aren’t the only one…

Jason hurried through the crowd of the marketplace bustling with people as they tried to use what little free time and rations they could. He caught sight of a familiar cloak as it bobbed and weaved through the sea of humans. He got within feet of the cloak then it turned sharply around a corner and disappeared. He stopped, caught his breath then thought for a moment, where she could have gone.


One step, two steps, five steps, and forward. His brain filled with a thousand words that screamed at him simultaneously. Then he saw it….the cloak. He hurried his step with eyes narrowed in; locked tightly on the figure. He was determined to not lose sight of her. He was determined. Not this time, he thought. His focus was so strong he hardly realized the loud explosion when it happened in front of him until the second blast threw debris and ash in his direction pushing him backwards onto the ground. His ears started to ring and eyes were singeing from the powder. He used all his might to focus on the crowd around him. Screams, cries, and panic ensued. He scrambled to his feet after he realized no real damage to his body had been done except for the awful ringing.

Temptation hence forth…

While J.S. Riddle is working away to bring you the next in her tales of Tessa et al, we know you are dying for another taste of their world. Here is it, darlings… enjoy.



   The sloshing through the depth of the sewer felt heavy on Emma’s lanky legs. Every step felt as if ten pounds were being added each time. Her breath deep; her body tired.
“Faster! We can’t risk for them to catch up to us.” The strapping man in front of her said, he did not turn to look back, only showing the brown hood that covered his head.
“I’m going as fast as I can.” She wheezed in between words. “I have to rest.” She stopped, leaned against the cold concrete wall, and bent over breathing heavily.
Her liberator sighed and stopped to turn around. “I will not risk my life for you. As much as I hold allegiance to your mother, my life is still my priority.” When she saw his face she tried her hardest to not stare at the burn crossing three quarters of his face.
Emma sat up, leaned her head on the wall, and caught her breath slightly. She wiped the sweat from her brow and noticed a foul stench just before she realized that is was coming from her sleeve that was soaked in the putrid sewer they had been traversing through for what seemed like hours. “Okay, I’m ready.”


Once emerged from the sewage pipe the brightness of the sun felt like burning lasers on Emma’s eyes, leaving her blind for a few moments. Her leader extinguished his flame and helped pull her out of the slimy waters. When her sight became much clearer she was shocked at her surrounding. As she walked through the dirt and gravel she looked around at the rubble of what must have been houses at one time. She saw people sitting on the ground, children were playing quietly with a beat-up ball, men were sitting on buckets playing cards on a tree stump. They all wore raggedly torn clothes, looked dirty, and each one had emaciated bodies, some looked like they had not eaten in weeks. This was not the world that she envisioned.