The Wait is over Of Darkness and Light is on sale today

The wait is finally over, Book two of the series The Vampire Realm: Of Darkness and Light is finally live for purchase on your e-reader.  It has been a great road putting a hat on and becoming each of these characters and I can’t wait to finish the series with a bang!!!

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Of Darkness and Light is the follow up book to Rise of a Queen, part of The Vampire Realm series. Where Rise of a Queen tells the tale of Tessa’s struggles and defeats, the introduction of Tessa’s family brought forth a new tale to tell.

The rise of her empire came at a cost

Tessa’s vision of a future where vampires and humans lived united had all but disappeared. Her family, torn by the wars that ravaged her land, had to choose a side. Her sister and Emma with the rebels and Jason growing into his future by Tessa’s side. Emma’s struggle with her own choices, as Jason moves forward towards a life of service to his aunt, neither one sure of the outcome. The journey that the family takes will force the evolution of life as a vampire to the forefront, forever changing Tessa’s perspective on the world she thought she knew. Can Tessa survive another daunting war while ensuring the future of the vampires? Will Jason and Emma make the right choices and not be swayed by the childhood they once knew? Can either side of the war overcome what stands in their way, even when what they love is what they will lose?  Or will there be a beacon of hope; shining brightly in the world that has fallen so dark…..


The Vampire Realm

We’re counting on one hand now with 5 days remaining

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Only five more days until the bloodshed begins.  As Melinda leads the Freedom Fighters into battle, Emma at her side, she tempts a fate that cannot be undone.  Two sisters on opposite sides.  Tessa against Melinda; vampires versus humans.  Who will prevail?

e-book pre-orders available at Amazon (US, but check your country’s site), Barnes & Noble, iStore, KoboSmashwords.  

Less than a week to go!

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Ariana is one of a kind… Or is she? As she grows so do her powers.  Can she control them or will she let them consume her from within?  Will she become what Tessa hopes for?  Find out soon when Of Darkness and Light hits the e-shelves.  In the sequel to Rise of a Queen you find out there is much more than just humans versus vampire.  It’s a family divided, multiples journeys of growth, and a quest to determine a fate itself.

e-book pre-orders available at Amazon (US, but check your country’s site), Barnes & Noble, iStore, KoboSmashwords.   More coming soon!

Title reveal

I did made a promise that I was going to do a title reveal and I will stick with it.  The development of this book has been a slow and bumpy progress due to life kind of getting in the way tremendously but I can assure you I’ve been back to work and have a lovely assistant, we’ll call her Moon Baby because it’s an awesome name and I won’t embarrass her this way, who has been prodding me back into the driving lane toward my own goal.  It’s quite hard to wrangle me sometimes so I completely appreciate everything she has done for me and for sticking by my side.

As time goes on, more information about book two will be coming at you in many different forms so be on the look out for it.  For now…..title reveal.



 I will do my best to not spoil it for anyone who has not read the first book, but I can’t promise I won’t reference something as I give teasers for the future.  For now, I just want to say that I came up with this title because it is going to focus on many characters, both of darkness and light, good and evil.  You’re going to learn more about the path’s set for not just Tessa but her family and foes.  This book will focus on their journey’s as well and how each action intertwines with another because as you haven’t already figured out by reading Rise of a Queen everything happens for a reason no matter how dark it is.

So think about the title, go back and look at the synopsis of the story here and get the gears turning on what will be coming at you in the near future in The Vampire Realm.

Hear ye! Hear ye! An Announcement of upcoming Announcements

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How else am I supposed to grab your attention?  Yes, I’m being vague because I’m pretty good at it.  I’ve got a lot coming up and I just wanted to give you a little heads up.

How many of you have been chomping at the bits to know about the follow-up to Rise of a Queen? Curious to know what Tessa has been up to? Dying to see how she fares as a strong leader to her Lev Empire?

Coming up very soon I’m going to do a name reveal and kick out the synopsis of the next adventure that await in The Vampire Realm, so stay tuned. Keep a close watch on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course this blog for announcements, clues, and even a few Easter eggs here and there.

All I can say is that I am completely excited to move forward with this project and am glad that you’re along for the ride.


What’s In a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare

Why yes, I did quote Romeo & Juliet, a romantic tragedy. No worries, I’m not headed in that direction; I want to stay far away from anything with fifty shades or covers with bare chested men grasping a damsel in distress.

As I sit here finding every small reason NOT to work a little on the second in my series I begin to think, while I am doing said things.  I haven’t even given it a title.  Such a small thing I know.  Considering I realized too much content was written to be just one book, there wasn’t much of a need for anything as big as a virtual textbook and seriously, how fun are those?

So what’s in a name?  The Vampire Realm was it full original title.  When I split it up, Rise of a Queen was a long thought out choice but very obvious considering the reader follow Tessa’s growth from her past, rebirth  new responsibilities  unsure of herself, and then ultimately a strong, powerful, and most definitely vengeful being.  Along all that growth a glimpse of many an antagonist are brought about; also the ones that move through time, some make it to the next round.

If you haven’t read it, no worries, I won’t give away the big spoilers, what fun is that?  That being said, names are not spoilers.  The journey will still follow Tessa, but open up wider for Jason, Melinda, Emma, and especially Ariana. Each character with their own story that meld so finely with the others it is a continuous flow, and hopefully one that captures the heart or the reader.  The second book is like a second chapter in their lives.

That is where the problem will be. What to name the second book?  How would I give it a proper title without giving away learned events from the first one?  The name should take on a life of its own I should think.  Book two sounds so boring, when I gave the first one a title.

As I am giving myself a deadline of six months at the latest, I know I have plenty of time.  It’s even a minor thought at the moment; a pea in a soup, a splinter in a boat, etc… At this moment I need to worry more about how I’m going to give certain characters a grand demise, because you know that’s what I do.  Oddly, life and death are still prominent in the vampire AND human world.  Nobody is invincible. Or are they?  *wink, wink*