Oh, a little interested in the cloaked figure that seems to keep slipping by? You aren’t the only one…

Jason hurried through the crowd of the marketplace bustling with people as they tried to use what little free time and rations they could. He caught sight of a familiar cloak as it bobbed and weaved through the sea of humans. He got within feet of the cloak then it turned sharply around a corner and disappeared. He stopped, caught his breath then thought for a moment, where she could have gone.


One step, two steps, five steps, and forward. His brain filled with a thousand words that screamed at him simultaneously. Then he saw it….the cloak. He hurried his step with eyes narrowed in; locked tightly on the figure. He was determined to not lose sight of her. He was determined. Not this time, he thought. His focus was so strong he hardly realized the loud explosion when it happened in front of him until the second blast threw debris and ash in his direction pushing him backwards onto the ground. His ears started to ring and eyes were singeing from the powder. He used all his might to focus on the crowd around him. Screams, cries, and panic ensued. He scrambled to his feet after he realized no real damage to his body had been done except for the awful ringing.

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