Day 2 in full swing – Don’t forget your free e-copy of Rise of a Queen

Day one has been a great eye opener and a wonderful social mixer if I may add.  I’m still new at this media thing, but those who have watched me take those first baby steps into the scary world of social media, especially blogging, will tell you that I have come a long way and still have a lot to learn.

And with that, I’m giving the last day of my promotion my gift of word.  Rise of a Queen is still up on Amazon for anybody to download for free, my treat.  Just read, share with friends, please write any kind of review you want (I am not fluent in Klingon so I don’t think that would help anybody that much) whether good or bad; I got big girl britches on so I’m ready for the punches.  In a perfect world I’d live with 5 star reviews, millions of readers, author interviews lined up for the next few months……but yeah who are we kidding?  Lets go for any review, get the word out if you like what I write about and keep it going.  

You can get your copy of Rise of a Queen on Amazon

direct links to US and UK 

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    Last chance to get JS Riddle’s book for FREE!!!

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    Day 2 of the big free eBook weekend!

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    Still swinging! Day 2 for a free copy of Rise of a Queen by JS Riddle.

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    For the vampire lovers out there…

  5. Ha ha, I finally downloaded Kindle just to read this – on your recommendation – nope, not available in Latvia!

    • And I thought Amazon reached everywhere and everything!!! I’m glad you could find the app and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it 🙂

  6. I have been putting the Kindle app to good use on my iPad. Downloaded and ready to read. Review will follow, at some future point. I have been crazy busy lately, but I will get to it, promise 🙂

    • thank you 🙂 definitely hope you enjoy. I welcome any an all comments/reviews.
      I love my kindle app. My books can travel with me on so many different devices.


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