Reflection on why I do what I do – winding down day one of promotions

For all those who grabbed an e-copy of Rise of a Queen on the first day of the promotion I hope you’ve jumped into it or getting it set for the lovely Labor Day holiday weekend. Don’t forget to tell your friends before the promotion is over because I honestly write because I love to do so. I love to entertain, I love to fill the brains with something besides the ooey gooey spaghetti that sloshes around in them sometimes, although I haven’t written a zombie book yet so that may be something on the table for later. *pushes plate of spaghetti away*.  



Anyway, what was I saying? Oh I remember, sharing what I’ve written. To be a writer, a person really has to love what they are doing. Most artists do. Why? Because we usually don’t make a big steaming plop of Monopoly money like a lot of people who may have chosen something else for their career. Actually most authors tend to hold what we call “day jobs” those things you push through so you can rush home and jot down those ideas that kicked through that 10 a.m.  meeting you were supposed to pay attention to. Yeah, I’ve been there and done that. Personally I do it because I can’t help it. No matter what I do, there is always something to be written down no matter how much it makes sense at the time or if it is even something other than random words put together by what may seem like silly string. Do you know the oddest thing? All the stress it can cause, all the research that has to be done (and oh so much research that’s going on for me right now I feel like I’m back at University), all the beta readers with wonderful feedback, the editing process done 10x or more; it makes me happy in the end. I’ve finished it. I did my hardest to make it something I wanted to share with the world. I’m not perfect by any means, and you if you caught some of my earlier drafts the giggles that would have come out of your belly would have been funny to see, but I am passionate about my work. Isn’t that what it really comes down to? My passion? No, not THAT kind……10 foot pole; wrong author on that subject. The passion of imagination, storytelling, visualizing every scene in my mind long before I can even put it on paper. Every bit of it makes my heart beat at it fullest. That is why I am happy to hear when people like what they have read from me (even my little jots of old school poetry or deep thoughts on another blog) and tell me so. I also, honestly, adore criticism. For one, it reminds me that I am human and that I do make mistakes and maybe what I’ve written is just not their cup of tea. Things I say, or write, can be confusing or just done terribly. I would love to know all of that because I can never grow without that kind of criticism.

Okay, so enough of my getting all mooshy and talking about my big love for writing, I will leave you with my hopes of your enjoyment of a small piece of me in Rise of a Queen and I’ll bounce up out of here. I’ve got a promotion to run 🙂

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