Some books to check out

I’ve gotten to know some of these authors and their books and thought I would share so if it was something you were interested in you wouldn’t miss out.  

Since I’m not tech savvy enough today without a little extra help I don’t have, CLICK HERE to head to learn more about the authors and their books I’ve set below. 


Neveah (A Broken Forever (Book 1 Neveah trilogy)) 
Angie Merriam

Separate Truth 
Michael McManus

The Ruby Brooch 
Katherine Logan

Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy) 
Vanessa Wester

Blue Coyote Motel 
Dianne Harman

Quoth The Booby (please, nevermore) 
Gordon Vivace

Dual Karma (Gems of the Goddess) 
Jessica Rister

Broken Things 
G.S. Wright

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