The sounds of summer and why they drive me batty

As well as I love the summer months they are the least productive when it comes to my focus on writing.  As my frustration grows as does the sound of lawnmowers, weed-eaters, screaming/laughing kids somewhere (I have yet to find these little pixies or I would greet them with a smile), the cicada’s that aren’t as awful as predicted, the afternoon showers, and the dogs barking as the mailman walks by.  Add to the fact that I am subjected to a spider-veined man in funny shorts, but to be fair I enjoy the fact that I have a true walking mailman once again.  He is my favorite person when my next order of books come in to sell 😀

All those things are trivial, yes I know.  Why am I griping? Probably because I’m stalling.  I’m looking to rent this nice bubble filled with notebooks, pens, computer ONLY for research (no Facebook allowed.  That will cause a bit of a twitch) and an endless supply of coffee and quiet.  Anyone know where I can get one of those?

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  1. I hate the sounds of summer as well. They include bees. Bees and I do not get along. Also, I gave you some love this morning….

    • oh no!!! Not love anything but….oh wait, pretty awesome 😀

      If you dislike bee’s then I am going to envision you cringe when I tell you when I moved into my new home, bees were living near the basement window. Beekeeper finally came a month later he had to cut so much honeycomb out of that ceiling and said they had been there 3 seasons!!!

      • I found out I was allergic to bee stings at my graduation party. I stepped on one in the grass and had to be care-flighted to a hospital. No bees for me. Love honey though. lol

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