Old friends anew

Hey! There they are!  I know you, I really do.  Oh wait, those are ones we thought were gone forever ago but nope.  Oh so close.

As everyone that knows, I have moved.  I am healthier than in Birmingham and even though I left a few great friends behind, the times were changing and I am enjoying getting to know my old friends once again.  First there was this wonderful lady that I have to say pulled me out of a very tough spot in a difficult time and let me stay with her during that ordeal of finding a home.  I forever will love all that she has done; we have known each other since we lived overseas together.  I ❤ her immensely.

Then there are the ones that we’ve finally gotten in touch with once again and hitting it off wonderfully.  We hope our adventure continue and look forward to it.  I don’t think this could come at a better time.

The other friends.  So many of them.  I will keep to the locals.  One, is maybe 35 minutes away and I hate we haven’t gotten together as much as we have because we get along so well and the talking never ends.  One is, well, a tough one.  Times had been rough and I like we have contacted each other again, but its rough to say how that one is going. 

THEN THERE IS MY NAMESAKE.  Girl, we so need to get together.  Its been way too long.

So there we go.  A love for all my friends, even those not mentioned.  You have all helped me on my journey more than you know.

Oh and I am out of cupcakes but I trade for minions.  *ahem*

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