The Rise of Me through technology,and a look back at the growth

As this is Tuesday, I have realized I haven’t truly blogged in a while, and maybe this won’t be much of a blog, who knows.  Driving is quite….tiring, especially after an exciting weekend.  

As much as I loved Atlanta and the exciting radio opportunity; I think I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a good friend as well, or even better.  He’s been like a brother to me, and if you heard on the radio, you can catch our odd introduction to one another, when the internet was a tad less browsed and complex as it is today. How amazing things have changed since 2000, right? Yahoo groups/message boards (I saw the switch-over then finally the disappearance of Groups altogether) .  Then there was the messenger or email, only way to get involved and speak with people.  It seemed crazy back then to consider anybody met over the internet as a friend, but now it is more than acceptable.  I watched the rise and fall of Myspace, and through that more friends I found.  Facebook came around and BOOM, not only did I keep up with current friends and the ones I met online through other means, but I became reunited with friends from high school and my favorite time of my younger years when I was in Germany.  I am very grateful for the internet for my friends.  As many as I do have in real life, having lost a few and gaining a few, it seems those I keep in contact with the most are the ones I hold near and dear and it doesn’t matter how I came about doing so.  As I realize the area I live in doesn’t have as much of a place for me as it does elsewhere, staying to myself and working on my writing is a great option.  I can be by myself when I want but enjoy everything people are saying and doing.  And as my book is on the virtual shelf and in a nice little paperback that I control completely, I have learned so much.  Blogging seems to have revitalized a little bit of vigor into my life and the new people it has brought me.  I never was one for personal journalism into a nice bound book, and I have tried; just of thinking, pondering, questioning, and just speaking, and writing obviously. Isn’t it funny how that is the opposite of Tessa?

(Back to my weekend for one second) What is even more interesting was the mini-reunion I had with someone who was quite dear to me when I lived overseas thanks to the military.  Now THAT was a different time.  Until maybe a year ago finding each other on Facebook I haven’t seen him since we left Germany in ’92.  The moment we met up, we hugged and talked as if we had never parted.  It is amazing how one can pick up where one has left off.  To think I will be doing the same with quite a few more old friends in a little less than 2 months.  Amazing opportunities rise ahead of me and I take every moment I can to cross promoting my book with enjoying time with my friends.  That will be something interesting indeed.  Maybe I can get some knowledge from one of my old friends who is a bigger tech person than I can ever assume to be.  


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  1. What about Livejournal? That’s one from way back.

    • I think I missed that one. lol. See, tech defunct I only used the basics of basics. Oh wait, was that basic? Isn’t that around today? Sheesh I can hardly navigate Goodreads on my end with the groups I feel so out of place sometimes.
      How has your journey been since 2000?

      • Slow and spastic. I used AIM in college to talk with fellow students. Then came Livejournal, which like the great-grandfather of WordPress. You could post a bunch of things and treat it like a journal. It was simple, but got left behind for Myspace. Hung around there and fought against Facebook until everyone had abandoned Myspace. Got into the FB games for a year before I realized how stupid they were. Eventually, I hopped onto WordPress and other social media sites to promote my book and make new friends. I think the focus of my book has helped me learn stuff out of necessity. I don’t do the chat stuff any more though. Goodreads still gets me lost.

      • I used the thing after AIM but was Q something, ICQ, does that sound right? I don’t even remember it was that muddled. I stuck with Myspace for quite a long time. Seemed easiest for me. I was still writing and not confident enough for finishing or other reasons. I do enjoy Facebook with the filters I have in place and tend to make it easier to communicate with people on a personal level and still stay in my little cave 😀

  2. So glad you had a good time. I have never had much luck writing in a conventional journal either. I prefer to write on the computer. Funny though, years ago I stared my first manuscript with a pen and a piece of lined paper. Good luck with the technology:)

    • Technology is a necessary evil don’t you think? I truly dislike the ever too quick changes and all the things that need to be done. I STILL write in notepads first before putting them on the computer. Every now and then I do tap on the laptop, mostly to blog or jot down notes quickly.
      I tried journal’s so many times I finally gave up. That’s why I think it is quite ironic that Tessa is so attached to her journal.


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