What is is called when it’s not a full on writer’s block?

I know, it’s an odd question.  I don’t have writer’s block, I do write some.  I do a lot of research for historical or mythological accuracy and how much I can veer after I got a wee bit of a suggestion from someone (who will get credit if it comes to fruit) and I’m going to see how I can incorporate it.  I write TONS of notes to come back to later.  Actual paragraph’s and pages that mix well together? We’re getting a tad dry.  So what would a person call this?  Writer’s bump? Is there even a word for it?  I know EXACTLY what I want written.  I know what I want written for the next two books.  The pages should be full at this point, so why aren’t they?  That is a pretty darn good question.  

We will say my weekend was a bit distracting, which was a great thing especially engulfing the promotional, exciting, new, and a lot more.  It was the fun kind of promotion.  Maybe the marketing is really hurting things with my writing, although I’m trying my hardest to keep things separate.  It could be that with my research and ideas are spanning back and forth between the both books to make sure of correct information.   Whatever the reason, it is now leading to frustration and I really want to get the next book out.  For those who enjoyed the first would love to know what has come to fruit.  Maybe it’s why I’m not blogging as much; although I doubt it. 

I love my WordPress folks and my other followers and friends.  I would LOVE insight, or how they remedy the situation or if I’m headed in the wrong direction.  Let’s keep me on track here.  So I can go back to commenting, loving, and possibly harrassing my WP folk (I’m calling you out Ionia 😉 .  Honestly though, you can check Ioniamartin at readfulthings.  While you’re checking out some of my other good folks Pat Fitzhugh, teller of southern ghost tales, and Charles Yallowitz with his lovely take on fantasy + 

No matter what though, let’s get this train back on its tracks, summer is coming soon….although I prefer the saying “Winter is Coming”.

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  1. Writer’s clog? Writer’s lag?

  2. Thank you, I needed that smile!I believe the term you are looking for is brain fart. It is when the gasses in your body move up to your brain therefor preventing you from being able to see your manuscript through the haze. It will pass, no?

    • Ahhh I have the brain farts quite a bit, but thats on a daily basis when I stop and wonder where the heck am I going or what was I doing.
      I do hope it passes, I’m sure it will, but good grief these moments make it rough. How did you get through your block?

      • I read your book lol I know, unhelpful

      • roflmao……..admitting that *gasp*
        I so know what I want to do, and I have Melinda/Emma part done, just have to focus on Jason/Ariana and Tessa’s journey then the added surprise to lead into book 3 which I already know too much about. It is a total grrrr. I have great notes though. hahaha

      • I really hate it when you know your destination but all the roads are blocked with traffic

      • Need a big ol’ horn or a siren to keep it moving. beep beep. Or the ever foul mouth shouting outside the window 😀

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