And what have we here? 99 cents???? Must be Day 6

My week long sale is coming to an end!!!  Have we shared the love here?  Nothing better than a satisfied reader and I want those who haven’t read any of Rise of a Queen (Technically Vampire Realm: Rise of a Queen if that makes people feel comfortable) to join in on the fun.

Yesterday I asked you to contemplate what would you choose when the culling happens.  Now  I’m going to ask another.  If you were to be a newer made vampire, do you think that you could lead an entire clan?  Do you think you could enact Justice and appear to be strong?  What would your breaking point?  When does justice turn to vengeance?  What would happen if someone you loved hated ever bit of your being and how would you handle it?  

All those questions will open more questions but you’ll get answers on what Tessa does in this book:


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  1. If I was…or is this a general question?

    • This is a kind of “could you handle it” bit of questioning 🙂 How would you be able to handle it? What would you do different? So yes, you would have to be a vampire my dear sweet Ionia, and take a look through Tessa’s eyes.
      I have a feeling you might have taken you chances and head toward the rebels. lol

      • I so would lol

      • oh I so wanna tell you. grrrr, its driving me crazy. lol

      • I so wanna know. I spent over an hour thinking about how you were going to work this out last night

      • I think you would be able to be so kick-ass like Tessa. Seriously. But deep down I think you’re waiting to see the emergence of Emma and grab a hold of her way of doing things. Am I on par?

      • It’s funny you should say that because that was the root of my thought process last night

      • I think you will love the independant woman that forges her way in between the chaos of her family. You may not like something later on (no I will tell you now she doesn’t die, but I will tell you it isn’t pretty) but it will just bring you feeling deeper about her character before.
        Jason……He’s gonna get him a little bit of puppy love I think.
        Ariana…major metamorphosis
        and Tessa goes on a grande adventure to learn about Ariana’s condition and I’m going to instill a bit of real history in it; my style.
        I just have to get all the words out correctly, that’s the hard part.
        I know what is going to happen in book 2 & 3 down to the notes, even the endings. So I’m being a piddler and why I need me some Beta’s

      • I hate the part if writing where you actually have to type coherently. If only we could think it into existence.

      • that would be the best invention. Have our own mental butler.

      • Exactly. Who edits too;)

      • Miracle worker that I will have to bow down to.
        Free right? FREE?????

      • Shipping included in the price of free.

      • For that I’ll just ship you here 😀

      • 🙂 I will go willingly.

      • then we will load it with airholes, give you a flashlight for the books, plenty of alcohol and cupcakes and see you in a few 😀 Great inspiration I am sure you will be

      • Lol I might need a nap when I get there

      • Got an extra bed with tv and a PC to boot and happens to have a library 😀

      • library…..oooooh. Vacation here I come!

      • Or works for cupcakes and alcohol. I’m good with the alcohol part

      • I’m good with that too. How many are we on now? I’ve had either three shots or nine. How about you? hiccup.

      • FInished a nice bottle of wine solo. That kind of night. Could join some company on this quiet evening on my nice wrap around porch.

      • Absolutely. Now is when i wish we lived closer. Although you might pick up my accent and drive your husband bloody mad.

      • I already switch back and forth between my british/engish and american/english. Confuses the heck out of the family. lol. I go all out when I’m on a tirade,

      • Me too lol isn’t it funny?

      • It comes in quite handy 🙂
        I assimilate every language I get my hands on. Nobody can pinpoint my point of origin and I think it drives them completely mad; just like I like them.

      • Most definitely you and I are meant to be friends. We could rule the world with our funny accents and ability to aggravate normal folk.

      • that sounds like a jolly time and would be more than happy to sit and heckle those around us and their normal things. Its so much more fun being the goof/strange/odd one

      • Even when we are sober.

      • Oh sober is the best part 🙂 We know what we’re doing and can live to tell the tales.

      • Remembering everything gives us the chance to blackmail later….

      • Ha!!! I don’t blackmail easy. I own up to my misdoings……of course if I get caught it means you were right there beside me. You think Charles will turn is in?

      • Only if there is a good reward. Or cupcakes. We are screwed.

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