Last Day .99cents…….Do you really want to be teased by your friends that you didn’t take advantage?

I know, low blow.  Oops.  Seriously though.  The book is at a steal of a price.  I think once your friends tell you about how much they enjoy it you’re going to wish you got it at 99 cents but I guarantee that you won’t want to miss out so I believe you will be checking in on Tessa.

Tessa is no Bella.  Not at all.  She’d be the one to tell her to nut up and move forward there are harder problems to deal with.  As important love and loyalty is to Tessa, she has many more important things to deal with.  Rival Clan with an Evil, well we’ll go with the word B here, as a leader.  Justice has to be done.  The leader of the human rebels?  A deep dark history has her disliking the decisions she makes but her loyalty to the vampires is strong.  SHE has to be strong, who else will do it?  To be a Queen she has to prove she can do it all even on the hardest of days.  Now who wouldn’t like to see all that take place?

Click the book and you will be taken to a story that will change your thoughts on vampires forever and hopefully scrub all the nonsense that’s been popular in the most recent of years.


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    Final day of the Rise of a Queen .99 cent sale. Last chance.

  2. Best post title ever.

  3. Great blog yoou have


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