A bit of Somber Humbleness


I was going to post something else today, something about the writing process I have surprised myself with writing book #2.  I am setting that aside in sight of what happened in Boston, Massachusetts  USA.  I am certain most have heard at this point of the explosions, deaths, and injuries at the finish line of a marathon being run, I believe for Alzheimer’s but I’m still sifting through all the facts before making any assumption.

My first thought was shock, then confusion, followed by the most venomous anger, finally ending at a decent place in myself.  As bad as the situation was, and good grief anything of such hatefulness if done by a person is a bad situation indeed, the good to bad ratio was still significant.  

Let me clarify.  Everything is foggy, but we do know deaths and injuries. Suspects, question mark to most of us, reasons are unknown. Thoughts should go out to the lost ones, the hurt ones, the loved ones, the confused ones.  I want to extend that.  I want good thoughts for the people on the scene first to help.  All Emergency response, all the fast acting people, all the blood donors, all the caretakers, every single one of those need be thought about and looked after in thoughts or prayers or whatever a person does during a time like this.  

Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully a better day for the bulk of those people and we will, as a human race, keep moving forward being strong, smart, and through everything else be survivors.  Tomorrow will bring forth new concerns, new measures, new information.  Terrorist, single incident, what the reasoning was, everything will come to fruit leaving only confusion in its place no matter the answer.

There is good out there, just look for it even in the most unlikely place and do not give up on humanity just yet.  I am waiting to see how it will be, though.  


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