Even as Social Media Eludes Me……a point was proven that it does have a positive impact

I gripe and groan and drag my knuckles through the dirt as I grumble under my breath about all the marketing that has to be done and why in this green earth does it have to be a million different social media outlets.

Mind you, I still have a love-hate relationship with it all.  Honestly, when did I stop “getting it”?  I’m a Facebook guru (not author page, thats a new one to me) and I could walk you through almost anything and explain ever bell and whistle, even the moment it arrives.  Its a quick befuddlement and then I grasp the concept and go on.  Wordpress blogging.  All I can say is WOW at how it has grown.  From the very first post where you could tell I was a tadpole in the waters to this very day.  I have grown and my relationship with other bloggers have grown along with it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I honestly don’t anything special to contribute but my thoughts and obviously news or information about my book(s) because, you know, I still am an author.  My website itself has grown as I add more insight into Rise of a Queen helping each and every reader get an insight into the characters and the clans, adding more each day.  I don’t do book reviews (I wish I could, its just so tough and my heart goes out to those who work so very hard to get everything they can done), I don’t do fashion, I don’t do celebrities.  I just do me.

I’m still at a standstill regarding my Facebook author page because honestly, Facebook has it where unless its constantly liked or shared or commented on it falls off everyone’s radar.  I’m working on that one.

Twitter……I’m kinda sorta maybe possibly getting the point of it, on my end that is.  I’m working more on it and I find it was a great way for me to get a surprise short term book giveaway.  It wasn’t planned, I just felt the need to show the twitter followers my love.  And I do hope the winner enjoys the book as well as I enjoyed writing it.

Don’t think I have an Instagram, do I?  I have an about.me but not sure what the use for that is except just to tell you….well about me.  That is what everything is going towards nowadays right?  Me, me, me, me, me, hey look something sparkly, something I might be interested in, me, me, me again.  It’s like going tops on the bullet train never getting a chance to really catch a glimpse of what really is going on.

WHAT THIS POST IS REALLY ABOUT.  Through all of that, through all of the confusion I deal with and pushed on all of you, I realized that it at least serves a few good purposes, yesterday being a perfect example.  Obviously I am talking about the incident in Boston.  It was amazing on how quick the information came at me.  I had twitter open and I have to say it was amazing to see who was tweeting what with updated information, the questions that came about, and yes I do follow the Writer/Director/Actor Kevin Smith and I would say he was the one that gave the best info out.  As I had twitter open, I watched site after site being posted on facebook and peoples thoughts, prayers, anger, all of that.  I streamed from a great news source that didn’t report something they didn’t understand or speculate but as it went and what info they had so no panic or assumptions.I was hearing people pouring in information on site from cell phones and tablets, which they shared with the police and everything was instant.  I would say we, as media was concerned, were more on the ball than we had ever been in the past.  

So as much as I complain, and I do have that right because I’m still hanging upside down in the tree of social media scratching my head like a monkey, I do agree there is a big need for it in the right situations.  Hopefully in the future those situations will not be devastating and we will all be Jedi’s of the web.  A girl can dream, right?

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  1. I happen to like the way you “just do you.” I think it shows that you believe in your work and you are proud of it and that is what I want to know about the authors that write the books I read.

  2. I agree that it is amazing how quickly information travels after a major disaster. It was nearly information overload for me yesterday. Though, I think there is a downside to it in regards to the media. I was watching the news and they were reporting whatever came across their desk without seeing if it was true. This is where the ‘saudi national in custody’ thing came from. I think the media needs to adapt to this new flow of information by being more careful. It’s great that we learn things within minutes instead of days. We just have to make sure that we don’t sacrifice verification for speed.

    • After the whole Sandy Hook media fiasco things seemed to run a tad smoother, or at least more people searched for things that weren’t just what was shoved down their throats. I suppose growing up as a military brat overseas in the first gulf war, I always have a tendency to search out facts and went with what seemed to be the most plausible.Unfortunately media makes it ultra hard to do just that for most people. It’s like dominos. One person panics, they all get knocked down

      • Panic is definitely a factor, especially when they are searching twitter feeds from people that are on-location.

      • just think about how difficult that would have been even 10 years ago. That’s the only reason social media is really good for in cases like that, minus the panic of course. Just looking for and finding out info.
        When the big incident happened in Japan and lots of it got wiped away family of mine happened to be over there and thanks to facebook, a car charger, and a cell phone we got updates that they were okay. I was relieved. Nobody had that when I was overseas during gulf war time when stuff was being blown up in Germany.

      • That is one of the great things about social media. When 9/11 happened, I had a friend in the area. Cellphones were down and I never heard from her until the next day. It was nerve-wracking.

      • Isn’t it interesting how time has changed, and so quickly at that?
        I was just happy to have internet during 9/11 and that was only because I was in college. My neighbor didn’t have a cell phone and her brother was supposed to fly into NYC that day but got delayed. I know a bunch of people that probably cling to their electronics since

      • Me too. Most of my friends won’t go anywhere without their cellphones.

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