Only Seven days

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Only a week left to go before loading up that e-reader with another fantastic Tessa tale.  If you’re ready for heated battle, family divide, and journeys abundant this book is most definitely on your must-read list!

Pre-order’s available:

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The Goodies are HERE!!! See you at Bookmarks NC

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If I haven’t been excited enough I just had a small Christmas arrive today.  If you haven’t heard by now I’m going to be promoting my first book, Rise of a Queen, at Bookmarks (blog post) a HUGE book/author festival in Winston Salem, NC THIS Saturday the 12th.  Stop by, check out all the awesome art and literature showcase, and say hi!

Temptation hence forth…

While J.S. Riddle is working away to bring you the next in her tales of Tessa et al, we know you are dying for another taste of their world. Here is it, darlings… enjoy.



   The sloshing through the depth of the sewer felt heavy on Emma’s lanky legs. Every step felt as if ten pounds were being added each time. Her breath deep; her body tired.
“Faster! We can’t risk for them to catch up to us.” The strapping man in front of her said, he did not turn to look back, only showing the brown hood that covered his head.
“I’m going as fast as I can.” She wheezed in between words. “I have to rest.” She stopped, leaned against the cold concrete wall, and bent over breathing heavily.
Her liberator sighed and stopped to turn around. “I will not risk my life for you. As much as I hold allegiance to your mother, my life is still my priority.” When she saw his face she tried her hardest to not stare at the burn crossing three quarters of his face.
Emma sat up, leaned her head on the wall, and caught her breath slightly. She wiped the sweat from her brow and noticed a foul stench just before she realized that is was coming from her sleeve that was soaked in the putrid sewer they had been traversing through for what seemed like hours. “Okay, I’m ready.”


Once emerged from the sewage pipe the brightness of the sun felt like burning lasers on Emma’s eyes, leaving her blind for a few moments. Her leader extinguished his flame and helped pull her out of the slimy waters. When her sight became much clearer she was shocked at her surrounding. As she walked through the dirt and gravel she looked around at the rubble of what must have been houses at one time. She saw people sitting on the ground, children were playing quietly with a beat-up ball, men were sitting on buckets playing cards on a tree stump. They all wore raggedly torn clothes, looked dirty, and each one had emaciated bodies, some looked like they had not eaten in weeks. This was not the world that she envisioned.

The Ick of Romance

We know I’d don’t do romance all too well.  The thought of it kind of, well, makes me nauseous so to speak.  The first Vampire Realm had elements in there but Love, devotion, NECESSITY (all who’ve read know what that necessity is) are totally different than romance.  So it is a hurdle I have crossed, but I swear it felt like pulling teeth.  I went the innocent and sweet route, but I still hold onto my hard core way of thinking and am quite happy that it is not Tessa that has to deal with it, but Jason.  Tessa’s still ruthless, yet this time around curious and determined for one specific goal, to find out why something is happening and how it can be changed or taken care of.  

Emma’s journey will be quite different, and as much as you may have hated her, you will feel sorry for her or sad soon enough.  Her eyes get widened and reality sets in.  Jason’s growth is just that, and I felt he deserved a little happiness for his loyalty; but just a little.  I wouldn’t be me if everyone was happy all he time.  

Going back to the romance part, just ick.  I like what I have done, so proud I did it and it looks great.  Even writers have to push past their comfort zone every now and then, don’t they?

Life’s little twists and turns

Do you sometimes feel like you are on an expressway, looking for that exit to get off, just hoping to at least find a rest area (or even bathroom) to take a break at?  That is me.  What an….interesting ride and I’m seeing where it is going.  Tomorrow night will be perfect for me to get back into my rhythm of writing, getting settled and all.  I’m hoping the promise of the second book will be enticing enough for those who have read it.  I also it will leave words on people’s lips to share with whoever they can and leave more than just a few reviews.  Tessa needs to live in our hearts, in our minds, and the coming future has so much going on you will do nothing but immerse yourself into its pages.  If you thought there was drama, the family vortex, the wars were nothing compared to what is to become.  Trust me when I say, this will be a trilogy to remember from the moment you pick up the first book.  Enough on that, I am so worried I will give it away.  I still need editors and cover art, and a way to wrap it up to keep it the same size as it was before.  

I am getting a few ideas for concept art, but if anybody out there is a graphic artist, or something that can be sketched and turned, please by all means bring the vision alive.  Editors, help……we now that I can write but I am by far terrible at quite a few things.

Goodnight my blogging friends, I have missed everything about it.  

Sale Time!!!!

yep, this is actual author stuff so hold onto your hats and groan silently or clap with glee!!  Those who haven’t read Rise of a Queen  it’s for sale for $2.99, limited time only!!!!!  This is for the ebook only, but this give you a chance to grab it when you didn’t get a chance to during its opening week at the price of $2.99. 

Here it is: Rise of a Queen for all your ebook options and enjoy, tell a friend, review, all those wonderful things

(Have I used enough exclamation points yet?)

Get to know Tessa

Tessa’s character profile from Rise of a Queen is up on the site (I believe it was late yesterday I put it up).  I figured she was the one to push the story forward so the perfect one to get to know first.  You can read about her HERE


I have attempted to do some more writing. Emotions boiled through and some things have been written. As always they will be filled in more and put in their rightful place. I am notorious for moving my chapters around.  And those that have read what I have written know that I buck the system with point of view, but to be fair I do use separators.

Why am I excited about freedom? Well, for the past two weeks I have been completely busy watching multiple ages of kids during their spring break and as much as I love my teenage nieces there is one key word…..teenagers.  I bow to my brother and sister-in-law for what they deal with and I love my nieces but oh how I can’t wait to get back to normal. (Again, I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!)  

It’s interesting on the book front. I love Tessa I love her great divide with her sister. I love the sides that are chosen and the war that ensues. One little hint……I will give Jason a love interest for a while.  Oh how I wish that I could discuss more, I really do. To do that, Vampire Realm needs to be read. I want to share it with you, and I want you to have emotions, good or bad. The goal is to connect to Tessa, and if you choose to read the next two I want you to join on the other character’s journeys.