Thank You All For Helping Me and My Twitter Tweeks

As I am getting used to twitter, I feel I am not using it to its full extent.  It frightens me somewhat, but you know the more interaction I get, the better I feel.  I LOVE to interact, my blogger friends and others can tell you I LOVE to talk.  Writing, speaking, texting, everything. Sometimes to a fault.  2 words only?  Ha!  Small sentences? HA!!!! That’s a good one.

Anyway, I have a wonderful reader who won the e-book and am excited to see what they think of the book.  That’s the best part of writing, to find out what people think.  Don’t the rest of you authors agree?  It may not be what you think it is just by reading through the millions of book synopsis, I may not be the best at blurbs, but I bet everyone would be surprised on what they hold in their hands.  So CONGRATS.

Check out upcoming information soon on the next e-book drawing and my reminder about the Goodreads contest. 


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