I Have Not Forgotten


It may seem at such and it may put some into a quandry.  “Has she returned?”  “Is she like a phoenix rising anew to become a bigger, better version of herself?”
To do any of those brings about the assumption that I have left, but that is hardly the case.  Let’s call it hibernation at it’s finest instead.  Who wouldn’t like a long peaceful nap with a belly full of nibbles and a dark solitary cave?  Through it all I can promise that I have not forgotten.  Time can be such a demanding and difficult beast and not once does it stop to be tamed.

I have not forgotten the work promised to my fans and to myself.  I can guarantee that Ariana and Tessa are busy trying to save the Levé Kingdom, not to mention both vampire and human kind.  The new enemy has presented itself to be a mighty challenge for all involved.

As I breathe life into a sleeping beast the unfolding may prove either useful, insightful, or entertaining.  No matter what, it was a journey that needed to take it’s course. I swallow my pride instead of hanging my head for not defeating that dark chaotic silence.

I’ve got new life, a new outlook, and a great support system to make sure that I keep this ship afloat and quite possibly an upgrade or two.

More posting, more blogging, definitely more writing.   I  might even have something new to present to you….but that is another story.