The day that will go on and on

Do you remember that song that goes something like “this is the song that never ends…” yeah, so today is going to be one of those. Although I may seem like this chipper kind of girl I have my days and may be pulling Ionia aside for some porch time.
It made me think; how many bad days do we have? What starts the rolling boulder of demonic possession?  It can seem like being woken up 15 minutes before the alarm were to go off, having no coffee left available in the empty container, rain, the woman/man looking in the mirror has this evil eye staring at you, or even looking at your book sales and the numbers just don’t match up with the previous days.  What happens if it’s all at once?
So now that you have thought about the simple things that can start a day off wrong, what are your remedies?  What do you do to muddle through?

I got out of bed.  Isn’t that enough?

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