Mother’s Day is for who again and why?

I know I know I will catch a LOT of flack for this I am sure. Yes I have a personal issue with it over the past few years but that’s mine and I own it.
First and foremost Happy Mother’s Day to you all. ( for those already in that time zone)
That’s out of the way now let me say my thoughts. I’m sure
commercialization has made it 10x worse. But when did it stop being about the love and bond, not to mention fun to be had with the mom and kids(s) ?  You know the cute cards, the homemade or cutely picked out toy wrapped poorly with gobs of tape and a million kisses. 
In today it has become flowers, jewelry, gifts, fancy dinner. Not from the kid but by the significant other. It makes no sense to me (neither does Valentine’s day but I won’t get into that now) how anybody but the children get involved except with a little help.
When the kids are adults there shouldn’t be an unspoken rule for expensive gifts or forced family get together
Motherhood is something to be cherished no matter how the child came about because you love them all the same.
Now that I am done with my frustration, have fun and love the kids and don’t forget Father’s Day next month 🙂