As I lay here on my bed attempting to recover from a meltdown I can’t help but be grateful for the other bloggers that have appeared in my life especially one Who made me smile with her intriguing interview she posted.
This is actually the first big meltdown I have had in a while which is pretty darn good. There have been mini ones, but….well authors and even bloggers alike seem to have that stress gene.
All of this reminds a person of one huge thing: we are human. Humans can only handle so much pressure or stress their bodies and minds can handle. There has to be a give and take or the body and mind will laugh and flip you off from the inside all the while daring you to take that last step. Reaction? Well that’s Always the surprise.
so I suppose I should say that that little kink plus evweyrhing on my plate has taken a toll and I call done for the day. Its already going to be a long two weeks as it Is