3 choices in life…..version one million something

Doesn’t everybody have their own “slogan” when it comes to the 3 choices?  Its simple, easy to say, and most of the time needs no explaining.  But I’m not going to let anybody off easy with that.  I like to talk so this Lucy’s got some splainin’ to do and am quite happy to do so.

My personal one, and you can quote me if you dare to consider it. “There are three choices in life.  To exist, live, or wait.  My choice was simple; live fully and make the best of the time that I have.  If I do one ounce of good then I call my life, as a whole, a success.”

There’s the quote, so its simple right?  Easy on the eyes, gives you all the warm and fuzzies, and gives you the option that more than likely you are bound to choose. Our inner selves say, “Live, Live, Live.”  But our reality is, that’s not the way some people work.

  Now i will tell you right now, I do not have bad feelings toward any of these types of people.  So by no means am I laying blame, calling people out, or saying something completely offensive.  I am just giving my opinion on my decision and the way I deducted it.

We’ll start with the first one.  Existence, or to merely exist.  It’s a daily routine, or eat, sleep, work,  check our social media, maybe watch a little television, then rinse and repeat.  How many people do you know like that?  I know a few.  I wouldn’t call them boring by all means, but I call them placeholders.  We need every kind of person on this planet but we can’t all be the same cookie cutter kind of person.  No inspirations, no aspirations, nothing past ordinary.

I’m going to skip the second for now, because well that was my answer and how fun is the deductive part of my reasoning if I get straight to the answer. So onto the third.

Waiting.  What does that really mean? Why did I put waiting?  Definition: “To remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens.” So am I saying people are literally standing around just waiting all the time?  Hardly.  I’m talking about always waiting for something that may or may not happen in the future. Start with something small like waiting for the bus, waiting for the plane to land, waiting till vacation begins. Always in a state of waiting.  Plans have been made, but they have been made for something in advance.  What happens when you give up the second to attend to the third more than anything?  For example, waiting to ask the girl/guy out on a date or even more extensive for a hand in marriage. Waiting is fine as long as it is followed by an action.  Some people are in constant wait, not even certain there will be an action, and sometimes use it as the perfect excuse to be the best procrastinator (of living life) there ever happened to be.  We could go a little further, like those waiting for the end of days of whatever their religion is, judgement day, the day one is reincarnated, the day one has been blessed with meeting their maker.  Their whole lives are spent in preparation for that they forget to take care of the second.  They go beyond existing, but their sole purpose is to exist for the end result.

Here we are at the 2nd.  Live, experience, flourish, learn, prosper, take pleasure in.  This is the area that I want to engulf myself in.  I know all too well, by personal experience, we all have a time stamp. So why not enjoy the day as it is?  Do what you’ve wanted to do in life today.  Not tomorrow as always pushing it off onto and not in the back of your mind because you live in the comfort zone.  If you can help someone, do it. If you want to learn how to paint, or knit, play music, do it.  See if that’s what might be enjoyable.  If you have a goal and it is to beat your top score in your favorite game, do it.  That is living, no matter what anybody else says.  I, myself, have hard days where I just want to stay in bed and go back to the first, stay grumpy and wave the world on.  When those days are over I emerge and try to enjoy the most simplest things in life.  Look at what I’ve done.  No matter what my sales are I have done what I have always wanted to do.  I have published a book that I had been writing for some time.  I stopped talking and I took action.  Blood, sweat, tears, and massive emotions went into that book and are continuing into the next one.  That is by choice and the end result brings my heart to a pitter patter of each change.  Because I DID something, and it was my dream. I did it with the strain of technology, that was obvious to everybody who followed me through the process.  

So it breaks down to those three.  It is simple, yet so complicated in the same way. I’m not saying there aren’t days where I don’t do all three.  My preference is the second one.  Why put off tomorrow with what you can do today? Ha, my procrastinating side is laughing at that one.  So even I get stuck in the waiting category from time to time.  But in the meanwhile I’m going to attempt to do the best I can and hope that it has made at least a small bit of difference in even a single person’s life.

The fall into the swirly bowl of media…….and life

As I have posted before…….As technically savvy I thought I was in regard to being social has bypassed me as everybody grabs their gadgets within gadgets and checks into whatever app that tellsImageeveryone how yummy their food is, or posting pictures instantly to make a person realize how much fun that they are having and how much they are part of the “in crowd” and how much you may be missing.

I’m not crotchety, old, or just set in my ways.  I’m learning the ropes, it is taking an interesting journey.  A few weeks ago I never would have thought I would be a blogger or tweet or have a web page alone.  But guess what?  I do and it is probably the closest to a miracle as a person like me could get. I still have few followers on twitter, but ya know, its a slow process.  What could I tweet when I don’t have an audience.  I won’t have an audience until I tweet and blog and update my author page on Facebook.  See the endless cycle? Social networking is like getting a swirly from the mean kids at school.  Or that old school merry-go-round you ran on as a kid you pushed and pushed to go as fast as you could go to see who could hold on the longest and if the person pushing it at full force could jump in to join in the mayhem of utter dizziness.

BUT SOCIAL IS GOOD. I’m definitely not one to say it is bad.  I have admitted I have a Facebook addiction.  I am sooooooooooooo in love with Pinterest.  Seriously, who can get enough of smart-ass ecards and things in regard to Star Trek, Star, Wars, The Whedonverse and the Moffotheads with their love-hate relationship as we impatiently await the next season of Sherlock and of course when the new Doctor Who will be coming.  Media is telling us all this, keeping us connected as odd as we are.  Where else can people find something involved with each other that would have never connected them otherwise.  And that is THANKFUL TO MEDIA.  I have met the greatest amount of people through all of this.  We all have our loves.

What are your loves?  You know we all have inner geeks inside of us, I proudly wear mine on my sleeve.  My biggest part of it that is still attached to the human world.  Books. I’m not talking about e-books.  I’m talking straight up book store (used has that extra bit) when you glance through your genre’s and just pull a book of the shelf.  Who really can tell how good a new book smells.  Even a used one, the thought of the many owners that have enjoyed something you know that you will love or despise.  Then in steps technology.  I will have no room to talk because that is exactly how I am sending my book out.  Through e-books, although I admit my first e-reader is some sort of Sony 5 year ago gen.  I own an ipod touch, as a gift. I LOVE it.  I get to love MORE on my Facebook and my Pinterest.  The search and maps? phenomenal.  Those damn angry birds have gotten the better of me though.  I have a kindle app where I can download my books to read, but the backlog of books keep building. I am such a bad girl. How does one balance everything at the one time?  Supermom’s/dad’s college age and those totally snarky teenager who roll their eyerytime I ask a question about my tech.  But I score points because I hold a real R2D2 Android phone.  It could fall apart but until I get another one, I will guess at the empty spots on the pull out keyboard, Yeah I’m one of those.  But once again I have brownie points. Where I volunteer and my friends I’m “cool”  (what’s the word the days? remember I’ve bypassed that era however the hell that happened because i am seriously not old, although how old is too old?). I have tattoo’s and still wanting more, I have multiple ear piercings and *gasp* a nose ring.  The drama on that one.  I’ve got bright red streaks in my hair.  I’m called “red” and “itty bitty firecracker” Cause I’m short and I don’t give a damn.

I am me, you are you and if we learn something from each other then the world will continue to flourish as a society pushing back the ways of our old and move forward which yes, I get begrudgingly on and grab that ring and hope that anybody cares about what I say.  I’m mad don’t you know?

Tis the life of a writer.  Good news on that front in about two weeks, less than a month my first book will be out.  DO NOT BE SHY please please please read what I have to offer and if you are interested.  I don’t feel it is part of the standard vampire genre and it offers a bit for each gender.  I swear they don’t sparkle and no matter what it seems it is not young adult and has quite a few tough situations. Things change, be ready, but it is definitely worth a good read. Check out my synopsis and the FREE chapter One.  Who can say no to free?  You’ll get the heads up, and if your friends might like that kind of thing. pass it on.  Pass this blog, or my website on.

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Shameless plug over now.