When Life Hands you Lemons

you’re supposed to make lemonade right?

Well what in the world happens when you hate lemonade?  Do you give up?  Do you pout, kick the ground, head down and say “Good Grief?  How do you handle confrontation or bad things?

Each part of my life has had its ups and down, plenty of them.  That life book would be thicker than any series I could write.  Things follow me, I believe, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  The point is, I don’t like lemonade.  I like orange juice, pineapple juice, but I absolutely am disgusted by lemonade.  What does one do?  Keep on truckin’ is what’s happened so far, feelings hurt, drama bound to happen, or the ever flowing feeling of drama, sadness, betrayal, loneliness, confusion, etc…..That is life.

Then I look at what I have accomplished and what has made me today (for only a short moment because that is quite fleeting) And those I care about go through so much more (I love you Ionia and will make sure to eat my minion cupcake in your honor this weekend, I would ship it but that would be a mess), or things that I can relate to.

So with my nose plugged and ready for the ick factor, I guzzle the lemonade as quickly as possible hoping it has a magical cure, maybe full of enough Mana to heal the broken down part of me.

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