What I made up for doing nothing for labor day I did that today.

The joy of enjoying a weekend off.  Labor day is just that.  I day to remember everything that has happened in our history to make it where we, as people, fought for safety, care, child labor, and the such in the American system.  To us now, the workers it was a time of rest.  Or it should have been.  I dislike all those that had to work retail hours for “sales” or food service to keep those shoppers belly’s full, but I won’t rant about that.

Nope, I’m here to pat myself on the back. It may not seem like much, but I got over 3600 words in today in a matter of an hour.  Written and typed.  The picture below will show my lovely marked left hand through my odd process. It is tough when one has inspiration and obligation at the same time and of course conflict ensues.  Locking oneself up in the bedroom with a notebook seems to help if I throw a big enough temper tantrum.  

So with what I have written, I have finished section 2 of book 2 and working on the third before they all intertwine together.  My beta readers have been very helpful in the matter and I still heart them all.  The promotion for the first book went quite well, I am sweating bullets thinking of all those who may or may not like it…..but I march on.  

So there it is.  I didn’t work the weekend but back to the hand cramps once again.



Shout Out to My Lefties (handed not political)

Opinion piece, which means it is open for argument or discussion 🙂

I just happened upon an article that one always takes as a grain of salt when it is just one and studies are sparse.  BUT it is about left handed people, one I am quite proud to be.  It brings to question, how many of the bloggers are left handed; Or writers, or musicians, or any of the above.  We all know I have anxiety issues (what person who pressures the brain to squeeze out more words than are not forced to be written but by oneself not have a little bit of anxiety? Especially the dreaded writers block).  I find the assumption (or studies) showing schizophrenia and ADHD a bit off-putting though, or most mental illnesses.  Yeah, some of us have them but I doubt it is from what hand we are dominant with.  In my opinion I see it as more of a reaction to a traumatic even.  ADHD seems to always be placed on creative people; or smart, or anyone who strives a bit much. I am not saying it doesn’t exist because I sure as heck know it does, I just think that it can sometimes be confused with a creative person’s lack of having the brain fully shut off during every day tasks such as sleeping; as for PTSD I can say there are many factors involved in that. So on to the next.  My thoughts: Left handed (right brained) people and mental illness = roll of the dice and not necessarily related.

Ok, the next one.  Breast cancer?  That is a new one.  Not sure how boobies and brains really intertwine that much aside from the nerves alone.  But hey, maybe those 165 women studied may have just been unlucky.  My thoughts: totally off base.

Accident prone.  Hmmm, let me think on that one.  I’ve always been accident prone as a kid and I could not even suspect to know the number of bumps, bruises, scratches, and scars that cover me from head to toe.  To be associated with my hand? My thought: Shame my my hand if it is the cause of my owies.  So to me that could be a toss up.

More Likely to Excel at Language, Math, and Music.  That’s always been up for discussion and this is how I would love to know how many of you that are any of the above are truly left handed. My thoughts: I suck at math and I love spreadsheets to help with that.  So you give that one a call.

Better at Competitive Sports.  I played sports, some.  I was the only girl in little league baseball that played.  I wasn’t the best and I wasn’t the worst.  What I was, though, happened to be confusing as heck.  Bat left handed and throw/catch right handed.  I could bat the other way too but preferred not to.  Biggest bonus on my was that I was tiny so itty bitty strike zone 😀  So I think THOSE happened to be my edges in the competition, not handedness/brained.  My thoughts: Naaaahhhh, we’re all competitive one way or another and I know quite a few righties that are highly successful at competitive sports.

End of my thoughts kind of thoughts 😀 (double thinking, uh oh) Although I find us lefties to be quite special, unique, and yes creative, I think some of the things labeled were for the sake of someone throwing an article together, much like I did this blog post.  Now….Discuss.