What I made up for doing nothing for labor day I did that today.

The joy of enjoying a weekend off.  Labor day is just that.  I day to remember everything that has happened in our history to make it where we, as people, fought for safety, care, child labor, and the such in the American system.  To us now, the workers it was a time of rest.  Or it should have been.  I dislike all those that had to work retail hours for “sales” or food service to keep those shoppers belly’s full, but I won’t rant about that.

Nope, I’m here to pat myself on the back. It may not seem like much, but I got over 3600 words in today in a matter of an hour.  Written and typed.  The picture below will show my lovely marked left hand through my odd process. It is tough when one has inspiration and obligation at the same time and of course conflict ensues.  Locking oneself up in the bedroom with a notebook seems to help if I throw a big enough temper tantrum.  

So with what I have written, I have finished section 2 of book 2 and working on the third before they all intertwine together.  My beta readers have been very helpful in the matter and I still heart them all.  The promotion for the first book went quite well, I am sweating bullets thinking of all those who may or may not like it…..but I march on.  

So there it is.  I didn’t work the weekend but back to the hand cramps once again.