Next step for Drano

I’m clogged.  Maybe its because I’ve been preoccupied. Life has taken a major turn and it is giving me absolutely nothing to work with but a whole slew of emotions.

Emotions….can’t we treat them like emoticons?  And can we not decipher them better? Usually they are a great thing, bringing thoughts to my mind on a certain part of writing.  Unfortunately there is no way for me to write about this.  Maybe, but not sure yet.  

Emma and Melinda/ their story is told up until a pinacle moment.  Ariana/Jason are slowly coming together and I’m liking the direction its headed.

It’s the Tessa part that has me stumped.  I want her on a journey. I want her to do what she does best, research and be determined to find out the truth behind everything, all the while holding down the fort.

A BIG Question.  Some seem to be team Greco and some seem to be team Isaac (thank you Meyers for coining that stupid phrase).  Tessa needs a love.  I know its not a love story, but she needs an anchor.  Isaac, after a traumatic experience, do you think that he can come back as a strong character. I really want him strong.  Not like Tessa, but it is super duper hard.  For those who have read It can give me an opinion, of course spoiler alert attached. But I NEED feedback.

Its late and I’m piddling around

And I’ve taken an ambien.  What a wonderful journey that is when I write. Good luck in desiphering anything written by hand I notice.  Blogging seems to work well.

I know I’ve thrown a lot of things out there as of late, but I felt i needed to catch up on sending things out due to holiday time and a house full of the kiddo’s. Now it is peacful with the cat at my feet and the dog at my hip.  I am blog blocked though. Oh no.  I miss it. I truly miss it.

I posted about Tessa…..was it decent? Has it been read? If anybody wants to add something to it, by all means. I’d like to know what you think of her, what she is, what she should be, your guesses on what she evolves into.

The next question: who would you like to know more about? Greco? Bryon? Isabel? Desdemona? I will attempt to not give away anything.

AND I am hearing different things from both camps of early readers and just for giggles I want to know.  Team Greco or Team Isaac?  (since I’m not fond of Twilight.  Sorry. I’m not)

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