Why does it have to be Us and Them?

photo by Charles Blackhall via Shambhala Times

Why can’t we just BE. I know deep thought.  Light the incense, turn on the nature sounds and think hard with me.  The world is a tough place to be.  Economy sucks, life is fast paced, things change, and people have their nostril hairs tickling the privates of whatever tech they seem to get a hold of (myself included when I can find the right buttons).

There are so many people out there that just really could care less about you, and honestly you tell yourself “It’s okay, you suck, good day sir!”  and to be on your merry way.  As an author, and YES I DO USE THAT TERM (I’m trying my hardest to own it, its tough with the way people react when they’re told though), we love to hear words.  We like to read them, we like to hear them, we love, and I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE, when someone has read your work and written a review.  It is better than water from the fountain of youth for us, we dislike silence unless you see us in such deep thought because we’re about to reveal the next *gasp* in the book we are writing. The funny thing is even authors fall prey to the society that is out there.  

I suppose there is a stigma attached to Independent authors,come to think about it I know a few musicians, poets,artists, etc…..they all fall in the same category.  What makes it different in this world today?  Is it that we are not caught up in the tech as well as we could be? Why I’m certain there is someone Independent out there that could help you with that.  Is it that you need better cover art? I bet there is an artist starving to get that done for you.  See how it’s done?  A society, a community, a village, a world at our fingertips and the bubble we look into from the outside looks so in reach.

The THEM, that’s the one’s I worry about.  The one’s that like things in their place and do things because it’s always been that way.  If they want a painting, the will go to an art show instead of ask someone to paint you one. If they like a band, they will pay hundred’s of dollars to sit up front to enjoy the music instead of go down to the local pub and see who might be just as entertaining and quite possibly see them before they get famous.  If they want to read a book, it MUST be by a big publisher and that it MUST go through all the correct channels so that the author has their work proven worthy while they probably bring home .50 taxable cents per book at the end of the day (a tad over-dramatic but still).  Break free from those moments of comfort and try something new every now and then.  Open the eyes to what is out and and eat up all the talents a person has to offer.

Big House Publishing has great things to offer. Small House Publisher’s do too.  Independent publishers/authors (hey that’s me and a bunch of you) have a lot to offer, just not as many resources to go about it.  But the one thing we all have in common?  It’s that big big secret people like to keep people from hearing.  The scary word :MARKETING!!!!! Everyone has to market what they do, and here is where a person like me falls flat on my face thanks to technology and the brick and mortar’s stubborn ways.

Think about the accomplishment’s we could come up with if we all worked together? Word of mouth/virtual mouth, a suggestion, idea’s, even working on an entire project together.  I’m about ready to say the last few words before we snuff out the incense, turn off the music, and brighten the lights.  Give PEOPLE (ha I didn’t say peace) a chance.  Take a minute to read their thoughts or listen to their sound or look at their masterpiece.  Slow your roll baby and enjoy it so the us’s and the them’s become We’s.

*grammar run amok but I do have a few to reign me in*


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