Good medicine gone rogue

It’s allergy season and I’m miserable.  Go ahead and laugh…………ok now stop.  

I have tried most everything except for going  back to my allergist (yes I have one because i suck) because I know she will start me on shots, and needles are one of the many things that will have me kung fu fighting anybody coming near me with one.  So I get medicine.  Lots and lots of medicine.  So what happens when you’re body get’s used to it?  You walk around the house like a zombie hoping you look as cool as the ones on The Walking Dead, but doubting it with the tissues coming out of the pockets.

I was up late last night, really late.  That’s normal for me.  But this time I was up WAITING for benadryl to kick in since it kicks my butt to sleep anyway.  Nope. It didn’t.  The little pink bastards weren’t going to give me the satisfaction.  Instead, combined with other things, I was in a half state and not sure what to do.  So guess who was writing in the dark, laptop on my bed?  Meeeee……great answer 🙂  I got quite a few good things in, rereading today to make sure it really made sense and we’re good to go on that part.  But, well, um, it was an interesting “trip” waiting to get to sleep.

Between talking with someone over a photocopied butt as a signature (yeah I went there, all the way to elementary school humor) and it ending up being part of a broad spectrum discussion on war strategies and how long would the mooners take with their march time in battle (Gotta love my old online gaming buddies.Those were fun times).  The moment I realized I was really buggy was when the kitty got on my arm and all I saw was the silhouette of his face staring at me.  I literally went “Eek”.  Who does that? I always thought it was just a silly thing, but apparently people really eek. It’s a who knew kind of question.  So I ran to turn the lights on and decided it was best make up with the kitten, who was taking none of it, 

About 4 I finally got tired enough where I could go to sleep, up high on my pile of pillows like a queen in her funeral bed, and pray for no coughing and some breathing for, you know, living measures.  And here I am now, listening to everyone outside mow their lawns to kick up all the pollen that’s been attacking me screaming “CURSES” cause people do that. Fists in the air everyone!!!  I’m sequestered in my own home but for a different reason. Bleh.  So if you get a nice lovely post that makes no sense whatsoever someone needs to scream and reply J.S.  snap out of it chica cause you’re going bat crap crazy!!!!

Oh blog, my blog….I have not forgotten ye

It may seem as though I am neglecting to keep up with this blog, I promise that is not the case. I’ve been working on looking over my proof with a magnifying glass to that I can get my book out on paperback.  I have also been attempting the whole marketing thing. Curious is that one is working.

I almost panicked the other day. My laptop was dying and I could not find the plug anywhere.  My ipod had no voice recorder set up on it and have you ever typed on one of those things? The same went for my phone. Seriously, what happened to keyboards?  Autocorrect is the worse. And I can bet you are asking “Where is your pen and paper you talk about so much J.S.” I have to admit I couldn’t find those as I walked out of the door either.  Go me!!!  I was working on a great idea I got from listening to the song (although in all honesty they don’t really go together but I have a song in my head for most of the important sections of my writings) and I had to jot that down. Then there is the idea of the book AFTER this series since I have most things mapped out and ready to go. Lots of new battles and conflict await as people watch key characters grow…..and die, or fated for something different. Oh and I forgot, A wonderful virus idea that a microbiologist that I know is dying to get me to work on and I keep telling him PATIENCE, let me breathe. So yes, very busy.

I’m quite certain that I have many more things I could be blogging about. I just found it quite funny that my need of the electronic equipment and the panic that ensued fit well with my previous blogs so here I am. TA DA.

Any great dictating app out there that I can download?