Uncertainty and Pandora

Uncertainty is quite prevalent in our world today isn’t it? It’s a hurry up and wait kind of process. Then there is the huge question mark that hangs over so many people’s heads on what will happen in minutes, days, months, and years. You get what I’m saying I am sure. In the world we live in nothing is certain.
That is where I am at this point . But instead of grabbing the moment by the horns and cranking out chapters, Ionia I am going for 1k just for you cause you are great support, I have so many things going on in my life at this very moment, dome filled with….you guessed it I am sure. Uncertainty.  I have been a certain  myth constantly lately but Hope. Such a good thing right? We can only hope ABC happens or xyz turns out the way we want it to.  Ahhh but remember this lovely lass called Pandora and that box? What was the most vile thing that was to be kept locked up? HOPE.  That’s right.  It is wonderful if everything you hope for happens for the most part. A person is ecstatic.  What happens if what you hope for doesn’t happen? You feel disappointed, sad, sometimes depressed or even for some heartbroken.
So with uncertainty, questions, and hope hovering over our heads like vultures
fighting away all your creativity because you are so busy doing all those million things you need to do, even in your sleep.
That is where I am at and if I don’t blog as much don’t fret I haven’t been eaten by the vultures. This is what happens when I have no time for clarity or even a morning yoga DVD. Tsk tsk.

Bonus to be. I am blogging from technology!!! I found a place amongst th spring cleaning boxes and pulled my cell out. Woohooo!!!!

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