What is your Halloween Creature?

The spooky time is near, and no matter the reason for celebrating….the best known being trick or treating, decorating, and candy stuff (the occasional party I dream in my head of having).  I also know the sacredness of Samhain for my earthy friends, the Dia De Los Muertos the day following with its special rituals and memories/ All saints day.  If I am forgetting anything, please enlighten me as I do not intend to mock.

SETTING THAT ASIDE: I have a question.  A true question for real answers.  With all the followers I have I would think maybe a bit of response to this fun and games would make a little bit of a cute Q & A.

question 1) What is your favorite “spooky” or scary character/thing, real or fictitious.  From Literature past to present, to movies, real things, you make the choice.   I will share mine (although you may know a bit of my prejudice).

question 2) Why have they become your favorite?

Question 3) What is the thing you fears most and why?

So lets begin!!!